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Metro counties drop stay-at-home orders for one issued by state of Colorado

Three public health departments that on Wednesday issued stay-at-home orders for 2.5 million Front Range residents rescinded them on Thursday, saying they conflict with the statewide order issued by Gov. Jared Polis. The directors of Boulder County Public Health, Jefferson County Public Health and Tri-County Health Department said their organizations, representing five metro Denver counties, […]

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Colorado child care centers fear for their survival as coronavirus brings closures, enrollment dips

Even before the new coronavirus crept its way into Colorado, Eagle County child care providers struggled to serve all children needing a safe place to spend the day. The county already couldn’t afford to lose a single teacher and was actively trying to open more child care centers and add more teachers to respond to […]

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Thousands of Colorado workers already earn college credit for their time on the job. But even thousands more could.

Laura Seitz spent more time in a clinic than a classroom as she learned how to become a medical assistant but still earned college credit toward her certification. She was enrolled at Front Range Community College, but most of her practical education came at Associates in Family Medicine in Fort Collins. There, she trained with […]

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As Coloradans grow older, there’s a push for policies that benefit all ages

Janine Vanderburg led 42 workshops across the state in 2018 to learn about the concerns older adults had about aging or ageism. One issue became clear. Adults were working longer — and wanted to — but they often felt discrimination in the workplace or during the hiring process. “People said, ‘That workplace discrimination issue that […]

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Most money spent in the child welfare system comes after kids are in foster care. What if that’s backwards?

In the Douglas County suburbs, one type of call to the child abuse hotline is more likely to end up with a kid in foster care than any other: “Beyond Control of Parents.”  The term means a child or teenager is having such severe mental health and behavioral issues that they’ve become a problem at […]

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A Snapchat leads police to reopen investigation of CSU student’s death and raises questions about gun violence

In his senior year at Colorado State University, as part of an internship application, Finnegan Daly sat down to list his goals for the future. He wanted to travel abroad, land a job as a financial adviser and buy a house. Three to five years down the road, he hoped to run a marathon, become […]

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Hemp has arrived: Colorado crops double after Farm Bill makes growing more legit

Entrepreneur Joey Coleman is enthusiastically prepping for a 40-acre “farm-to-doorstep” crop of hemp he plans to grow near Grand Junction this spring. In Monte Vista, Corbett Hefner has added an industrial hemp harvester to his heavy-equipment product line. Colorado State University-Pueblo chemistry professor Chad Kinney is preparing to host around 500 researchers from around the […]