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Kevin Van Winkle

Kevin Van Winkle

How high will the blue wave crest in Colorado? Democrats are predicting big wins once again.

The 3rd Congressional District and a handful of state legislative races will offer clues about the state’s partisan direction after the 2020 election

Democrats dominate campaign fundraising and spend big to build majority in the Colorado legislature

A Republican leadership rift is hurting fundraising and one lawmaker blames a “serious strategic error” for some of the troubles

Republicans stopped Colorado’s vaccine bill last year with delay tactics. Will they work again?

GOP lawmakers in the Colorado House launched an effort Friday to protest, and potentially even prevent, the measure’s passage. Democrats are signaling they will hold fast on a rule designed to boost vaccination rates.

Taxpayers are only covering Democrats’ legal fees in a partisan Colorado legislature lawsuit. Republicans say that’s unfair.

The case has cost taxpayers $40,000 and counting, more than half of which was appropriated without necessary lawmaker approval

Colorado Senate Democrats, with their new majority, show early splits; statehouse Republicans search for a path forward

Democratic Sens. Leroy Garcia and Stephen Fenberg are picked to lead party’s new state Senate majority