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Littwin: Justice prevailed in the racist killing of Ahmaud Arbery, but we should remember that it almost didn’t

Without the viral video that surfaced two months after Arbery’s murder, it’s unlikely anyone would have been tried, much less convicted, of murder or of a hate crime.

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What’d I Miss?: Shared struggles, shared justice


Gov. Jared Polis will select one of these three people to serve on the Colorado Supreme Court

The appointment will be the Democrat’s first to the high court and will replace the last Republican-appointed justice on the panel

Politics and Government

Fourteen for the Fourth: The best stories you may have missed

Some Colorado Sun longreads (and semi-longreads) you may have overlooked, from before the pandemic right up to today


The violent death of a childhood friend steered a Colorado author’s writing toward crime — and justice

The horrific incident in award-winning author Donnell Ann Bell's life had a lasting impact on Bell, prompting an interest in law enforcement, investigations and the exhaustive research that guides her fiction

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Drew Litton: It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…