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Dam of questions breaks around hydropower plan for one-of-a-kind canyon in western Colorado

Creating Xcel’s renewable energy “battery” in Unaweep Canyon could put part of the rare two-mouthed canyon underwater


Hydropower is 53% of the renewable energy supply in the West. Drought is slowing down production.

Tri-State Generation, the largest hydropower customer on the Colorado River system, says it has enough other sources of energy to make up for less hydro production.


500,000 acre-feet of water will be released from Flaming Gorge reservoir in Wyoming to protect Lake Powell

Blue Mesa near Gunnison is for the moment safe from letting more water go, but Colorado River Drought Operations Plan says that could change


Colorado River Basin hydropower revenue could be down 38%, forcing environmental programs to seek funding elsewhere

The Upper Colorado Endangered Fish Recovery Program, which is helping four species recover, gets majority of its funding from hydropower sales


Unaweep Canyon is central to Xcel Energy’s big plans for renewable energy production in Colorado

The utility is seeking federal approval to build the state’s largest hydropower project on the Western Slope in Unaweep Canyon south of Grand Junction


Drought stops agency from flooding Grand Canyon to restore beaches

Colorado River experts suspect politics are at play in decision to cancel the fall release of water to spread sediment through the system.