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An end of unfettered growth for short-term rentals in Colorado’s resort communities

Breckenridge and other mountain towns are trying to slow the growth of vacation rentals in an effort to ease housing and labor issues


Denver’s embrace of rezoning for “granny flats” is growing by neighborhood, individual initiative

After a pandemic pause, accessory dwelling units regain momentum through council efforts and recommendations of city planners


U.S. Supreme Court allows evictions to resume during pandemic

The court's conservative majority blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a temporary ban that was put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Inside Colorado’s attempt to police the growing number of homeless camps in national forests

More homeless camps have been popping up in Colorado’s national forests during the pandemic


Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Among the 113 largest cities examined by researchers for a decade only two qualified as "integrated." One of them was Colorado Springs. Denver ranked as "highly segregated"


Flooded with tourists, Colorado mountain towns are starting to limit short-term rentals to combat housing crisis

Colorado resort towns are limiting vacation rentals as communities weather waves of tourists, a housing crisis and a labor shortage.


Opinion: It’s time to lock in affordable housing stock before the market snaps it all up

One tool to use: tax breaks for landlords of smaller, lower-income apartment buildings

Opinion Columns

What you need to know in Colorado as the federal freeze on evictions ends

The CDC's federal moratorium on most evictions expires July 31


Colorado mountain towns say they can’t handle any more tourists amid labor, housing crises

Colorado tourism cheerleaders hasten their transition from destination marketing to management as resort town locals call for more housing and less promotion.


Jim Morrissey: In Colorado real estate, it’s location…location…


Minturn wrestles with the decade-old promises of a big-dream developer

In 2008, resort developer Bobby Ginn offered Minturn residents $162 million in perks if they annexed his mountaintop project, which he never built. So what about those million-dollar promises?


Shipping container hotel in Florence sparks new ideas for Colorado housing

Two entrepreneurs building homes out of shipping containers in an industrial zone hope to seed an affordable community as innovators flock to Florence.


Storage units becoming as hard to get as affordable housing as wealthy remote workers take over the high country

Waitlists are growing for tens of thousands of storage lockers in mountain communities as new homeowners arrive, residents relocate and local workers scramble for rental homes.


As the cost of Colorado housing increases, so does homelessness

About 51% of renter households are "cost burdened" in Colorado, which has some of the highest housing costs of landlocked states, comparable to urbanized coastal regions.


A rare new coal mine in southern Colorado adds to Trinidad’s economic revival

The new operator of the New Elk Coal Mine outside Trinidad sparks a dormant economic engine while grappling with Colorado’s trademark issues of housing and positive drug tests.


Survey of Colorado’s high-country residents a “wake-up call” on the devastating implications of the affordable housing crisis

The consequences of workers and permanent residents being priced out include mountain communities being forced to rethink their relationship to the tourism economy.


A new Colorado law gave them an opportunity to buy their mobile home park. They took it.

Resident co-ops closed on Boulder County’s Sans Souci property and a Durango park on the same day. More deals could soon be in the pipeline.


How emergency declarations in Colorado’s high country housing crisis smooth the path to more homes for locals

A "disaster" resolution over housing in Crested Butte enables the town to bypass codes, buy a hotel, remove limits on downtown camping and curtail short-term rentals. More communities are planning similar declarations as high country housing crisis reaches a crescendo.


Crested Butte purchases hotel for seasonal workers as it declares housing an emergency

Rooms in the $2.3 million Ruby Bed & Breakfast will be available to six seasonal employees in both the public and private sector.


Thousands of Coloradans struggling to pay rent asked the state for help. $6.5 million later, phones are still ringing.

Nine months into the pandemic, Colorado’s housing assistance office spent $1 million to hire an out-of-state contractor to process applications for rent and mortgage help. The cost has grown as HORNE added 100 workers, of which slightly more than half live outside of Colorado.

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