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Colorado Springs’ America the Beautiful Park was once home to dozens of families. Here’s their story.

The park stands on what used to be the Conejos neighborhood in downtown Colorado Springs, a vibrant and diverse working-class community


Drew Litton: Recalling 9/11 — when America stood together


SunLit interview: David A. Varel sought to close “gaping chasm” between history and public

In producing his biography of Lawrence Reddick, the author encountered the professional and financial hurdles that many historians face to bring their work into the public eye


SunLit excerpt: “The Scholar and the Struggle” reveals the life and impact of Lawrence Reddick

Author David Varel's biography tracks the work of one of the most important Black intellectuals of the 20th century -- and links his importance to the present day


For the first time, Colorado has a Latina state historian. Here’s what Nicki Gonzales hopes to accomplish.

The Denver native found herself moving east to learn about the West. Now she wants to engage students and others in a more inclusive reading of the state’s complex past.


Silverman: Let’s not hide from the racism in our history. We can learn from it.

Three books shed light on the history of racism in Colorado and the United States

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SunLit interview: An inheritance of diaries and journals spurred a years-long pursuit of history

Jeffrey B. Miller's interest in a World War I-era humanitarian aid effort led to his current nonfiction account of the people behind a program that saved millions from starvation


Opinion: Happy sad birthday, America

We can honor history by keeping the Fourth of July real and still finding great things to celebrate

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Ku Klux Klan membership records made public in Denver

History Colorado has digitized 1,300 pages of original Ku Klux Klan membership records from 1924 through 1926.


SunLit interview: Raised on Colorado history, Randi Samuelson-Brown gravitated to its notorious elements

Family travels throughout the West piqued her interest. When she started tracking down the stories, one of her biggest challenges was unraveling accepted accounts.


Push to get Colorado’s Amache internment camp a national park designation interrupted by coronavirus

COVID-19 delays have slowed a three-year process that supporters hope will put the Granada War Relocation Center site under federal management


Opinion: 156 years later, we still have much to learn from the Sand Creek Massacre

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What’d I Miss?: Tired of all the winning


Colorado has an active volcano, and it’s a big reminder of Mother Nature’s explosive might

Travelers of Interstate 70 see the fossilized flow from the Dotsero volanco beside the road and behold those ominous, red slopes above


What’d I Miss?: Denver history and a loss for words


The last time Colorado Democrats swept everything in an election was 1936. The parallels are striking.

For the first time in 84 years, Democrats in Colorado will control every major statewide elected office, both chambers of the legislature, both U.S. Senate seats and the balance of the state’s U.S. House delegation, while also winning the state’s presidential vote

Election 2020

Ian Neligh rode his childhood fascination with heroes and artifacts of the Old West to a year-long project

The award-winning journalist sought to hold up the figures from his youth against modern versions of bounty-hunters, brand inspectors and bare-knuckled brawlers

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Opinion: Teaching history in a historic moment

A Denver East High School teacher wonders what student yearbooks will tell future generations about the coronavirus and social justice movements

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Take a tour of Denver’s beer history from home by pairing this new book with local breweries

“Denver Beer: A History of Mile High Brewing” captures the launch the city’s brewing scene during the gold rush and the spirit of modern craft beer innovators


Beautiful, self-confident and hot tempered, “Queen” Ann Bassett stood up to Colorado’s powerful ranchers

Author Diana Allen Kouris sifts through Bassett's legend to find the facts behind one of the West's most intriguing characters during the 19th-century cattle wars

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