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Hinsdale County

Hinsdale County
Hinsdale County

How bad is the housing crunch in Colorado’s high country? Just look at census vacancy data.

The numbers reflect what many high country residents already suspected: a lot of second home owners, vacation rentals and investment buyers


Off-highway vehicles are revving up locals (in a bad way) in Colorado’s remote mountain towns

Inundated with by go-anywhere motorized vehicles, local governments are struggling to find a balance between welcoming the spending by “motorheads” and keeping their towns from resembling sets for a Mad Max movie.


State-border jumpers can get vaccinated in Colorado — even if no one’s happy about it

Colorado officials say an address is not required to book a vaccine appointment, but counties say they’d rather prioritize their own full-time residents


Warnings are working (for now) to keep visitors out of Colorado’s high country. But tickets, legal battles loom.

A complex map of coronavirus restrictions raises legal issues for district attorneys in Colorado's high country who may have to prosecute people who violate health orders.


With snow still looming in the nearby San Juan Mountains, Lake City prepares for a deadly spring runoff

Hinsdale County residents aren’t waiting for the deluge. They’ll leave if they must, but for now they’re making their stand -- with sandbags.


Avalanche slams into home of southwest Colorado sheriff, injuring him and two of his children

Tuesday's slide comes amid a stretch of historic avalanche conditions in Colorado that buried roads, shuttered ski areas and left three men dead