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gun violence

gun violence

Colorado Democrats will pursue mandatory waiting period for gun buyers, safe-storage measure in 2021

The legislation is modeled after policies passed in other states, but it's sure to draw Republican objections

Denver police seize guns over threats against Colorado attorney general

Denver police seized weapons from the man under Colorado's red-flag law. Bryce Shelby has not been charged with a crime in the case.

Silverman: Our greatest generation succeeded despite setbacks. Let’s hope our kids can do the same.

Silverman: Responsible adults should not put weapons in the hands of kids

Opinion: The safe storage gun safety bill is dead, but the fight will continue

7-year-old boy fatally shoots his 3-year-old sister in Westminster

The boy and another of his younger siblings are in the temporary care of Jefferson County Human Services

Colorado gun owners who don’t safely store their weapons could face jail time under new bill

One of the measures would make it a Class 2 misdemeanor for someone who fails to properly secure their firearms in homes with children. A companion bill would mandate gun owners report lost or stolen guns to police.

Opinion: The House passed a universal gun background check bill one year ago. The Senate and president must find the courage to act.

Will Michael Bloomberg’s deep financial ties to Colorado translate into votes on Super Tuesday?

The Democratic presidential candidate is going door-to-door to remind voters about his help passing tougher gun regulations in the state

Coalition of states, including Colorado, sue over rules governing 3D-printed guns

Proponents have argued there is a constitutional right to publish the material, but critics counter that making the blueprints readily accessible online could lead to an increase in gun violence

McCann: Keeping our community safe from gun violence by averting potential disaster

She blames America’s gun culture for her son’s death. But the NRA may profit from a plea deal with the gun owner.

In a Fort Collins courtroom, Regina Daly told a judge how the shooting redefined her life and she made a vow to fight for gun control

Colorado’s guidance to police on the red flag law doesn’t include what to do if someone won’t give up their guns

The lack of a roadmap on the crucial — and potentially deadly — question of what to do when someone refuses to hand over their guns underscores broader law enforcement unknowns around the complicated new law

Secret Service study: Most school shooters were badly bullied, showed warning signs

Research could help train school officials and law enforcement on how to better identify students who may be planning an attack

New details cast doubt on Fort Collins police investigation of CSU student’s 2018 shooting death

In a newly released arrest affidavit, Colemann Carver said he tampered with the gun that killed Finnegan Daly before police were called

Shootings and shock value: Hoodies, video use similar tactics — including invoking Columbine massacre

Both used shock value to make a point about gun violence — and both are dealing with different levels of reaction, some positive and, in the case of the fashion show, a lot of it negative

Wilson: Dear CSU, permitting blackface opens a racial Pandora’s box.

Dan Baer: Cory Gardner and the gun industry are blocking efforts to end violence against women

Crisanta Duran: “Never again” must be more than just words

Krieger: Will Hick take advice from a (former) Republican?

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper is being urged to try to unseat Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. That could be a tough call.

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