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Krieger: Will Hick take advice from a (former) Republican?

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper is being urged to try to unseat Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. That could be a tough call.


Nicolais: Sadly, the STEM School shooting will become just another statistic

The sheer volume of mass shootings in America has condemned the victims at STEM to become one more statistic in an ocean of school shootings

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This is not Parkland: Douglas County, divided on guns but eager to prevent another school shooting, tries to find its voice

STEM students are searching for “one voice” on mental health, moms against gun violence are standing up 100-fold and a petition for metal detectors is now 20,000 strong

Nicolais: Finding hope amid evil thanks to Kendrick Castillo

In the STEM school shooting, Castillo joined a long list of heroes who put themselves between gun violence and the people around them

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Deadly attack on STEM School — by two suspected shooters — is rare among school shootings

Just two other school shootings in the U.S. have included multiple shooters, including Columbine and a 1998 shooting in Arkansas