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Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs

With homelessness more visible than ever, Colorado cities don’t have to count outdoor residents

While Denver and Colorado Springs opted out of the annual homeless count during coronavirus, Grand Junction and Glenwood volunteers fanned out to rural camps


It’s not clear when Hanging Lake will reopen after the Grizzly Creek fire

Hanging Lake, which is designated as a National Natural Landmark, is located about 1,000 feet up a side canyon of Glenwood Canyon


Yes, in-person learning is still possible with “red” COVID numbers. Here’s how it looks in one Colorado district

One bright spot this year? Discipline referrals are down 90% because kids who are in the classroom really want to be there, one principal says.


Scouring soil, sowing seeds and spending millions for wildfire recovery in Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Springs is spending more than $10 million on repairs and upgrades to water supply infrastructure following Grizzly Creek Fire.


The high cost of climate change is already straining the budgets of Colorado towns

As wildfires, avalanches and drought increase in intensity, worried city managers are planning and budgeting for better water systems and backup sources.


Colorado teens pregnant during coronavirus face increased isolation and difficult decisions

Still children themselves, teenagers have needs that differ from older parents, and the pandemic has made their pregnancies even more challenging.


Glenwood Springs needs $10.5 million — right now — to prepare for watershed impacts of Grizzly Creek Fire

The city has sketched plans for $86 million in public projects, including a $57 million bridge for wildfire evacuation, to handle debris and ash threatening its water supply now and to manage threats from future wildfires.


I-70 reopens through Glenwood Canyon after two week closure; fires continue to burn across Colorado

The reopening of I-70 is big news to Western Slope communities that were hurting because of the closed route


Pine Gulch fire grows to second-largest in Colorado history; investigators seek tips on Cameron Peak fire’s ignition

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a health advisory for the smoke emitted by the wildfires


The Grizzly Creek fire is threatening the Colorado River and water for the entire West

As the Grizzly Creek Fire rips through Glenwood Canyon, it endangers vital infrastructure for millions of westerners. Sediment and debris could foul the Colorado River for years to come.


So you need to get to Colorado’s Western Slope? Here are your options.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is encouraging people to stay away from western Colorado for the near future


Grizzly Creek fire keeps I-70 closed for 5th straight day, burns through Hanging Lake area

About 100,000 acres in Colorado across four major fires were burning as of Friday evening


I-70 closed through Glenwood Canyon because of large wildfire, reopening unclear

Hot and dry conditions have resulted in high fire danger across Colorado


Colorado teachers want a voice as schools plan for fall classes during coronavirus crisis

Many teachers hope to be with their students, but also have deep concerns about how to bring back in-person learning safely


Why planting tenacious tamarisk seemed like a good idea until it wasn’t, and other harrowing tales of Colorado’s invasive species

For scientists, preserving nature’s balance can mean love-hate-love relationships with everything from Dalmatian toadflax to horny beetles and jumping carp.


“College can wait”: With families struggling, Colorado students are working to help make ends meet

As the coronavirus has rattled the economy, leading to layoffs and reduced hours for many, high school students have stepped up to help their families. Some are now delaying college plans.


Glenwood Springs citizen group sues BLM over quarry decisions

Politically connected mining company proposes massive expansion of a mine above Glenwood Springs that citizen group fears will damage the city's hot-springs dependent tourism economy.


Newly discovered “Witches’ Pantry” cave above Glenwood Springs could further complicate mine expansion

The cave news comes as Rocky Mountain Resources CEO retires and the company reports monthly losses of $830,000 and cumulative losses of more than $35 million


BLM, citing public ire, demands intensive review of test bores before mine above Glenwood Springs can expand

Colorado River communities and U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton want close scrutiny of plan to grow a limestone quarry that many worry could disrupt Glenwood Springs' tourism economy and harm its beloved hot springs


County suspends new mining permit applications, blocking expansion of limestone mine near Glenwood Springs

The moratorium imposed in Garfield County means Rocky Mountain Resources Industrials cannot make changes to its special use permit for a limestone mine north of Glenwood

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