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George Floyd

George Floyd

What’d I Miss?: Looking away from the Derek Chauvin trial for a death everyone saw


Littwin: If you watch the trial, Derek Chauvin’s knee seems to be on every witnesses’ neck

The trial is not only about George Floyd’s death and injustice, but also comes at yet another American crossroads on race.

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For Indigenous rights activists in Colorado, coronavirus brought momentum and pushback

Like its viral predecessors, the novel coronavirus has torn through Indigenous communities with particular vehemence. For many of them, this year has brought new urgency to old protests.


Colorado lawmakers may change when police can intervene in a protest after summer of unrest

Under Senate Bill 31, law enforcement wouldn’t be allowed to break up a demonstration unless there was an imminent threat of violence or significant property damage from “a significant number or percentage of persons acting in concert”

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Denver police used excessive violence, didn’t turn on body cameras during George Floyd protests, report says

The lack of a plan fueled chaos and increased the rift between law enforcement and a traumatized community, said the report issued by Denver's Office of the Independent Monitor.

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“Black in Denver” illustrates through photos — and words — the vast diversity of the Black diaspora

Nashville-born artist Narkita Gold might have chosen a larger canvas, like Chicago or New York, but she found “communities” in Colorado


Opinion: Black Americans’ trauma and courage led to Biden-Harris win

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As virtual GABF arrives, craft beer industry faces difficult moment confronting racism and pandemic

The Brewers Association and Colorado breweries are taking action to address racism and a lack of diversity in their ranks. But critics want more done.


History Colorado unveils the toppled Union soldier statue with an exhibit that seeks to tell its story. Its whole story.

The still-scarred piece may be the first attempt in the U.S. to examine controversial monuments by displaying them in the context of divergent interpretations.


Essay: What happened when Black Lives Matter arrived in Colorado’s deeply conservative Eastern Plains

Dozens gathered to demonstrate in Sterling. They faced hatred on social media. And a conversation -- and movement toward change -- began.

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Carman: Trump’s threatening and fear-mongering are all part of a plan

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Denver police investigate allegation that officer used baton to sexually assault protester

Denver police spokesperson Jay Casillas confirmed the department is conducting an internal investigation of the allegation and declined further comment because it is ongoing

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Colorado medics may have misdiagnosed “excited delirium” hundreds of times when dosing people with ketamine

The doctor who helped define "excited delirium" says based on Colorado's population, medics should have encountered about 57 cases in the 2.5 year period in which they gave ketamine 902 times.


Littwin: As Donald Trump heads for Kenosha, against all warnings, he takes a suitcase full of conspiracy theories with him

Trump compared cops who make bad decisions to golfers who choke on a three-foot putt. And then there was the strange tale of a mystery airplane.

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Littwin: The political games have had their two weeks. Now it’s time to get back to athletes who have made their games real.

The NBA labor walkouts, which morphed into sports-wide strikes, are unprecedented. But these athletes aren’t the first, of course, to make their voices heard.

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Nicolais: Professional athletes are Bucking the system

With their walkouts, athletes can prompt real reform. It's time for Cory Gardner and the Senate to respond.

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The first two efforts to defund police in Colorado quickly failed. Will a push at CU be the first to succeed?

The Colorado legislature passed a sweeping police accountability bill in the wake of George Floyd protests, but so far efforts to replace law enforcement with mental health workers have failed.

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In 1963, America didn’t listen to the “language of the unheard.” We can’t afford to fail this time.

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Namaste Noir: A Colorado yoga co-op seeks to diversify, heal racialized trauma

A growing body of research asserts that racism and discrimination may be playing a larger factor than previously thought in elevating risks for obesity and chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer among people of color. Can yoga help?


Littwin: The latest police screwup had to be Aurora, right? Sure, unless it happened somewhere else — anywhere else

We wait for a better explanation why guns would be drawn as cops approached a stolen car that wasn’t stolen, but had children in the backseat. What would have happened if guns had been fired?

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