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Colorado mountain communities vote “yes” on new short-term rental fees but reject heavier regulation

Voters in end-of-the-road Crested Butte and Telluride stopped short of restrictions intended to slow and limit short-term rentals in the tourist-dependent communities.


A flurry of policy experiments in Colorado serves as “regional laboratory” for regulating, limiting short-term rentals

Crackdown on short-term rental properties across Colorado mirrors national effort as communities grapple with escalating home prices and a shrinking workforce.


Dog searches Colorado mountains for bees, the canaries in the coal mine for climate change

Darwin, a German shorthaired pointer, was trained as a conservation detection dog to seek out bumblebees and their nests


Opinion: Why our Colorado mountain town supports Biden’s 30×30 public lands goals

We all have a choice to either engage in efforts to help combat the loss of biodiversity and climate change, or watch from the sidelines.

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How emergency declarations in Colorado’s high country housing crisis smooth the path to more homes for locals

A "disaster" resolution over housing in Crested Butte enables the town to bypass codes, buy a hotel, remove limits on downtown camping and curtail short-term rentals. More communities are planning similar declarations as high country housing crisis reaches a crescendo.


Unemployed Coloradans want work that pays a livable wage as employers struggle to fill openings

The restaurant industry in particular is finding it difficult to hire help, but economists say the labor shortage is more of a pandemic blip in an economy already facing a tight labor market before COVID-19 struck.


Here are some of the radical ideas to help alleviate Colorado’s high-country housing crisis

In Crested Butte, workers ponder a midsummer strike while Frisco leaders weigh a first-ever emergency declaration as the lack of affordable housing in Colorado communities threatens communities.


Colorado mountain, resort communities are rebounding — and then some — from coronavirus-scarred 2020

Despite grim projections last spring, many of Colorado’s high-country resort communities saw waves of in-state visitors in the fall and early winter fill local coffers.


Opinion: A mountain-town view of why Biden’s oil and gas moratorium is good news for Colorado

The long-term future of oil and gas is looking a lot more bust than boom. Colorado would be wise to not be left holding the bag.

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“We want to lead”: Frisco uses art to reckon with the high country’s lack of diversity

Frisco is the first known mountain community to host a Black Lives Matter mural as many cities, including Denver and Washington, D.C., have done


Small businesses in Colorado’s high country say the federal coronavirus stimulus has left them empty handed

Employers in the state are facing defaults on leases and the prospect of losing all of their workers. The Small Business Administration says more funding may be on the way -- if Congress acts.


Jared Polis wants Colorado 100 percent powered by renewable energy, but talk is easier than the walk

At least 9 Colorado governments are working to wean themselves from coal and natural gas, but they say getting to 100% solar and wind power is harder than it seems.