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Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan

Cows on Bluetooth: Your grandpa’s dairy farm is long gone. Meet the farm of the future.

Compared to 30 years ago, Colorado has significantly fewer dairy farms but significantly more cows. How is that possible? Smart technology.


Landlord who threatened to change rent based on election outcome engaged in voter intimidation, Colorado AG says

Bernie Pagel, co-owner of a mobile park in Fort Morgan, distributed a notice to tenants saying their rent could double if Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidential election

Election 2020

A Salvadoran immigrant worked at a Fort Morgan slaughterhouse for 24 years. Coronavirus killed him in 10 days.

Juan Marin loved his life on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, where he worked alongside his two adult children. But he feared contracting COVID-19 at his job.


Colorado’s governor says state can still shut meatpacking plants down as union calls for protections

“If they need to be closed again we are confident that we have the tools to be able to do that,” Gov. Jared Polis told reporters on Friday.


Removing banned tech from China’s Huawei will cost rural Colorado telecoms over $300 million. Will it even fix the problem?

Sticking with gear made by Huawei Technologies means violating a national security order issued out of concerns it could be spying on American citizens and building backdoors into their software and equipment


How Colorado’s rural education network went from teaching home economics to fighting the opioid epidemic

Colorado State University is banking that its extension agents, trusted and well-known in their communities, can use their local star power to reach vulnerable families


Centennial just became Colorado’s largest city to launch an alternative broadband service. What about the other 100+ that voted to control their internet destiny?

As communities vote to opt out of the 2005 law preventing them from offering broadband, many are discovering that voting was the easy part