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Michael Bennet: Reform the filibuster to revive the Senate and democracy

Confined to bed and forced to watch television coverage of the Senate for a week, an American citizen wouldn’t see anything resembling the old School House Rock cartoon about “How a Bill Becomes a Law.” Committees don’t draft careful legislation after weeks of deliberation. Senators don’t debate the pros and cons of that legislation on […]

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Silverman: End the filibuster on voting-rights legislation to stop election-rigging schemes

A recent Lincoln Project podcast was compelling. Beto O’Rourke defended Texas House Democrats’ desperate exodus from Texas to avoid enactment of legislation built on Trump’s Big Lie.  Voting rights are civil rights. Beto announced a march from Georgetown to Austin, which would culminate Saturday morning with a rally at the Texas Capitol. “It is going […]

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Littwin: Biden’s passionate speech on the GOP assault on democracy got everything right — except the solution

Joe Biden’s “Have You No Shame” speech on voting rights the other day was passionate, powerful, necessary, mostly on target and yet almost entirely useless. His speech directly addressed and correctly analyzed a critical problem — some would say an existential problem — facing our country, telling a Philadelphia audience: “There’s an unfolding assault taking […]

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Littwin: If Democrats want voting reform, give Joe Manchin what he wants and make him deliver

Here’s what Democrats should do about Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator from the deep-red state of West Virginia, who seems determined to allow Republicans to scuttle nearly every piece of Joe Biden’s ambitious program. They should give Manchin what he wants. All that’s at stake is American democracy and the gathering storm that threatens it. […]

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Republicans stopped Colorado’s vaccine bill last year with delay tactics. Will they work again?

They asked for bills to be read at length. They gave a history of the man-made chemicals perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl. There was even a request for an amendment to dedicate a bill to the 1980s TV show “Magnum, P.I.” Republicans in the Colorado legislature deployed filibuster tactics Friday in an attempt — for the second […]