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SunLit Interview: KM Merritt sought humor with heart for her heroes with disabilities

Kendra Merritt has relied on books as an escape for as long as she can remember. She used to hide fantasy novels behind her government textbook in high school, and she wrote most of her first novel during a semester of college algebra. Older and wiser now (but just as nerdy) she writes comedic fantasy […]

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SunLit Interview: To publish “The Reincarnationist Papers,” Eric Maikranz took an unusual route

D. Eric Maikranz has had a multitude of lives in this lifetime. He worked as an industrial welder before attending the University of Colorado to study Russian literature, was a foreign correspondent in Rome, translated for relief doctors in Nicaragua during a cholera epidemic, and was once forcibly expelled from Laos. He has worked as […]

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SunLit Excerpt: Lessons of lifetimes surface in “The Reincarnationist Papers”

The setup:  Troubled by the complete memories of two past lives [Vasili and Bobby], Evan (relating the events in first person) has been shot in the foot as he fled the scene of his latest arson-for-hire job.  He hides behind a church in an industrial neighborhood in Los Angeles, where he is rescued by the […]