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Paid family leave is a priority for Colorado Democrats. But 5 questions will make or break the effort.

Bringing paid family leave to Colorado workers was a top priority for Democrats when they took control of the statehouse last year. But after effective protests from the business community, the legislature settled instead for a study.  The study group — which included family leave proponents and small business owners — met for seven months, […]

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Opinion: Social benefit programs, like paid family leave, may not be easy. But they’re worth it.

This session, legislators had the opportunity to join states across the nation in modernizing the workplace and providing more equitable benefits for all. By creating the Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI), Colorado could have joined the national movement to ensure public benefits match not only today’s current reality, but also the future of work. […]

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For many business groups, Colorado’s 2019 legislative session has been “very difficult” to navigate

When he heard about legislation to create a state-run paid family and medical leave plan for workers in Colorado, Scott Bright took out his calculator. “I ran the numbers and, really, the cost of it was not as large of a red flag as the effect it would have on my employees, business and clients,” […]

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Here are the most-lobbied bills in Colorado’s 2019 legislative session. The list may surprise you.

One of the Democratic majority’s greatest disappointments in the final days of the legislative session was the failure to guarantee paid family leave in Colorado. The legislation was reduced to a feasibility study of the concept — in large part because of intense lobbying from business interests against the measure. In fact, Senate Bill 188 […]

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Colorado Democrats postpone paid family leave effort until 2020, opt for study after mounting pressure against bill

Democrats at the Colorado Capitol won’t meet one of their prime goals this year, passing a paid family and parental leave bill, opting instead to study how to resolve differences surrounding the bill in hopes of pushing forward in the 2020 legislative session. The resolution comes after weeks of mounting pressure from business groups against […]

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Opinion: Paid leave prevents child maltreatment: It is time to strengthen all Colorado families

Colorado prospers when our kids thrive. They are our future workforce, leaders and community members. No matter where they live in our state — the plains, mountains, rural areas or urban centers — children need high-quality support for development and every parent struggles. It is the degree to which we struggle and who we rely […]

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Opinion: Paid family leave is a pro-family policy for Coloradans

Last week, the Colorado Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on SB19-188, the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program. Similar proposals have failed in previous years, but this one is receiving serious consideration and seems to have momentum toward passage. This momentum makes sense. After all, paid leave is popular with voters, and there are […]