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Election 2018

Election 2018

How the Cardboard Cory protest in Colorado helped Democrats defeat Gardner in the U.S. Senate race

A group of activists and ProgressNow Colorado shaped the political conversation and created one of the most iconic advocacy campaigns in recent memory

How high will the blue wave crest in Colorado? Democrats are predicting big wins once again.

The 3rd Congressional District and a handful of state legislative races will offer clues about the state’s partisan direction after the 2020 election

In 2016, more than 24,000 ballots in Colorado didn’t count. Here are 6 graphics that explain why.

Rejected ballots disproportionately hit young voters and those not affiliated with a major political party, a Colorado Sun analysis shows

Colorado hits a new milestone with unaffiliated voters and busts the myth about its even partisan split

40% of Colorado voters are now unaffiliated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their votes are toss-ups in the 2020 election

Proposition CC campaign is door-to-door combat as both sides turnout supporters ahead of 2019 election

The 2019 ballot question in Colorado is complicated and heavy with political implications for Democrats and Republicans alike

National Democrats call Colorado Republican Scott Tipton’s seat a top pickup opportunity. But is it winnable?

Tipton has easily soared to reelection for three cycles in a row, despite high-dollar efforts to dislodge him from the 3rd Congressional District

A prominent Republican announces challenge to Jason Crow amid uncertainty GOP can win back 6th District

Steve House, the former state Republican Party chairman, is looking to flip a key U.S. House seat in the 2020 election

Nicolais: More Republicans are concluding that equality is a political hill worth dying on

The sacrifice Cynthia Coffman made on behalf of the LGBTQ community should be recognized for the rare political courage it represented

A campaign shake-up and wage complaint rattle Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

Stephany Rose Spaulding is getting national attention -- thanks to Republicans -- but her campaign is running on volunteers and little money

Opinion: Problems with Colorado’s petition process are as common as elections themselves

The legislature must look at removing the profit motive from signature-gathering ahead of the 2020 elections

Judge awards Walker Stapleton money he paid signature-gathering firm after wrongdoing allegations threatened his campaign

Stapleton, the 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee in Colorado, said he felt like Friday’s decision cleared his name after fraud allegations were made

Lawsuit against signature-gathering firm illustrates problems with Colorado’s process to get on the ballot, lawyer says

Walker Stapleton’s legal action against signature-gathering firm Kennedy Enterprises goes to trial on Monday in Denver and comes as the 2020 primary elections in Colorado near and recall efforts gain steam

The top Democratic and Republican pollsters in Colorado agree: 2020 is not looking good for the GOP

The turnout models in two recent 2020 polls favor voting populations kind to Democrats and ones that don’t support President Donald Trump

Who’s signing the petition to recall Gov. Jared Polis? People who feel left out in Colorado.

In three places, the critics of the Democratic governor use the recall to voice their frustrations, even as campaign gets off to slow start

Despite U.S. Supreme Court ruling, redistricting reforms are already taking root in many states. Colorado is one of them.

Congressional and state legislative districts will be drawn by a 12-member commission in Colorado, under a pair of constitutional amendments approved by voters last November

Gov. Jared Polis recall effort mired by infighting and legal questions about donors, review finds

The Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis committee doesn't have the support to start its recall petition campaign July 8, but a rival group plans to move forward

The 2019 legislative session in Colorado explained in 5 graphics

An analysis of votes in the House and Senate shows Republicans split and Democrats in alliance on the 460 bills passed this year

The crowded field of Colorado Democrats running for U.S. Senate pitches a message at their first forum: crisis

Nine Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Colorado gathered in a Denver park for their first side-by-side introduction to voters ahead of what’s likely to be among the nation’s most-watched 2020 contests

A new state lawmaker’s first session is over. And she got an earful about it at a town hall meeting.

State Rep. Lisa Cutter, who was inspired to run for office after President Donald Trump’s election, hopes listening helps change the current political dialogue

Wist: I disagree with Tom Sullivan on policy, but the effort to recall him is wrong

The cure for recall fever? It's you.

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