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Colorado heads into snowpack season with low reservoirs — but a twinge of hope

La Niña winter could mean dry winter for southern Colorado, but conditions better than this time last year.


Drew Litton: Need more evidence climate change has arrived?


Climate change isn’t coming in the future, it’s already here. This is how it’s impacting your everyday life.

Choking on ozone spikes, losing favorite hiking spots like Hanging Lake, sweating through fall school days — climate change is now.


Nearly half of Colorado has shed its drought status since last year, but the coming months don’t look good

At least 54% of the state now is experiencing drought conditions, compared to 100% this time last year. But record-breaking heat and a dry winter could mean conditions worsen, a climatologist says.


Water releases from an already low Blue Mesa Reservoir will prop up Lake Powell

As of Sept. 1, the reservoir was 37% full, which is about 68 feet down from a full reservoir, and a ring of muddy shoreline was growing


The water supply of the San Luis Valley faces pressure as never before

Buffeted by drought, court orders, climate change, and Front Range diversion plans, crisis looms for southern Colorado economy.


Greeley is growing so fast, it’s starting to run out of water

As a climate change-fueled megadrought engulfs the American West, some communities are going to extremes to protect their water supplies.


Feinstein wants probe into how many wild horses end up in slaughterhouses as Western drought forces roundups

Horse advocates say a $1,000 cash payment for those who adopt the mustangs created an incentive for people to buy the horses and then illegally sell them for slaughter


Analysis: As Colorado River Basin states confront water shortages, it’s time to focus on reducing demand

Colorado River Basin states have a problem even before considering climate change: There are more water rights on paper than there is water in the river.


Feds slash state water draws from Colorado River as drought intensifies

First-ever shortage declaration on key western river means big losses for Arizona and Nevada. Colorado’s own time for cuts and living with less is coming soon, experts warn.


Low water forecast for Ruedi Reservoir near Aspen threatens hydropower, water deliveries

The elevation of the water is about 7,709 feet. That’s about two feet lower than Aspen officials would like.


With food scarce, Aspen braces for possible bear invasion later this summer

There have been 78 bear-related calls to Aspen Police so far this summer, including a case where a bruin ripped open a window and entered a house.


Federal land managers plan 50% more wild mustang roundups due to Western drought

The emergency roundups that began Sunday and Monday target about 6,000 additional animals primarily in Nevada, Oregon and Colorado


As drought in the West worsens, the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe in Colorado faces a dwindling water supply

Hay and corn production is down, and the Ute Mountain Ute Farm & Ranch Enterprise had to let go 50% of its employees, half of whom are tribal members who live in Towaoc, the tribe's headquarters and main town on their reservation.


As Colorado drought cuts hay crop, cattle ranchers face decision about culling their herds

As the drought worsens across the West and ushers in an early fire season, cattle ranchers are among those feeling the pain


Opinion: We’re running out of water. It’s time to overhaul Colorado’s storage system

The federal infrastructure package is an opportunity to fix and expand the state’s network of dams, reservoirs, pipes and pumps.

Opinion Columns

Carman: In the war on reality, Westminster, Colorado, is Everytown, U.S.A.

Westminster residents are in a water war, and they can tell you all about the connections between climate change, infrastructure and money

Opinion Columns

Drought-caused Colorado River fishing restrictions lifted, but it may be a temporary reprieve

Wildfire smoke has help deflect solar radiation and kept the river relatively cool. But aquatic biologists warn hot weather, low water levels and sediment in the river could combine to starve trout of oxygen and future bans.


Officials plan to further divert Colorado River despite drought. Farmers, environmentalists and businesses aren’t happy.

Officials plan to build a pipeline to siphon water from Lake Powell to Utah's Sand Hollow Reservoir despite the coming water cuts in downstream states


The West is baking, burning and drying out. These numbers explain why and how.

"It is a story of cascading impacts," climate scientist John Abatzoglou said, as the West weathers "an epically dry year followed by incredible heat the last two months and now we have fires."

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