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Colorado governor releases final plan to reduce emissions by 90%. It’s still too vague, environmentalists say.

The Air Quality Control Commission is responsible for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from millions of vehicles and industrial and office buildings

Colorado’s statewide drought “pretty dire.” It’ll take more than a season’s snowfall to get out of it.

Rehydrating would require at least 10 to 20 inches of good precipitation in the next 6 months, but this season's snow totals are already well behind normal.

Opponents refuse to play on Branson’s hardscrabble football field. Now the town needs a(nother) miracle.

Can the small Colorado school district find a way to install a $400,000 artificial turf facility? History says don’t count them out.

Opinion: Colorado’s intensifying drought conditions call for urgent collaboration

Colorado activates municipal drought response for second time ever as water forecast worsens

Several cities say they are preparing for what is almost certainly going to be a dangerously dry 2021

Opinion: Protecting rivers is key to preparing Colorado for wildfires

On Edge: In a rural Eastern Plains community plagued by drought, stigma won’t be easy to overcome

Week after rainless week throughout the growing season has wounded not just local farmland, but also on the emotional landscape

As pandemic hammers its finances, Vail pulls out of state cloud seeding program

Vail Resorts says it can't afford to cover 20% of the $1.5M Colorado spends to trigger more snow and ultimately more water.

Opinion: A toast to Coloradans’ willingness to unite on water needs

Despite recent snowstorms, Colorado’s drought conditions continue in “anomalous” direction

There were only seven other weeks in the past 20 years that have been as intensely dry as the state’s current status

Opinion: Our Capitol Christmas Tree makes me wish for healthy Colorado forests

The high cost of climate change is already straining the budgets of Colorado towns

As wildfires, avalanches and drought increase in intensity, worried city managers are planning and budgeting for better water systems and backup sources.

Colorado’s drought keeps getting worse, with a quarter of the state now exceptionally dry

The long-term forecast for Colorado doesn’t look good, but experts say context is necessary.

All of Colorado is under drought status for the first time since 2013

Most of the state is in “severe drought,” with 17% in the most extreme category of “exceptional drought”

These hay fields may know something we don’t: How to save the Colorado River

Ranchers in northwest Colorado are experimenting with hay species that may allow them to irrigate less and leave more water in the Upper Colorado River.

Dry weather worsens in Colorado; 17% of state is in “exceptional drought”

The drought is happening just a year after most of Colorado was declared drought-free.

Colorado utilities fear wildfire risk — and liability — amid warming climate

Mindful of PG&E’s struggles in California, Xcel Energy and electrical cooperatives are stepping up efforts to minimize the risk of causing wildfires.

More Colorado fishing holes have closed this year than in the past 10. Anglers are rushing to fill their freezers.

Bad algae, low water levels and even intake repairs are putting fisheries out of commission. And nobody wants perfectly fine fish to go to waste, leading to “salvage” declarations.

A Colorado dashboard seeks to put a price on future wildfires, other natural disasters amid a warming climate

FACE:Hazards offers a look into how much Colorado might have to fork out to respond to future natural hazards, and how communities could work now to avoid going broke later

How coronavirus and drought have combined to affect Colorado’s limited water supply

While two of Colorado’s largest water providers noticed big drops in some use when the pandemic hit, those savings are now being erased as people water their parched grass

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