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Lamar and Yuma schools cling to Savages and Tribe after being told to drop Native American mascots

The Lamar and Yuma school districts were told last week that their preferred team names – Savages and Tribe, respectively — likely would not comply with a new Colorado law that bans the use of Native American mascots. “Savages is probably the worst word I’ve heard out there, out of all of them,” said Manuel […]

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Colorado school dropped its Native American mascot but can’t get off list with others facing hefty state fine

A lower Arkansas River Valley school that dropped its Native American mascot in response to a new state law banning their use remains on a list of noncompliant schools that face hefty fines. In early December, a state board declined to remove Avondale Elementary School from a list of 26 schools that have failed to […]

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Colorado governor eyes former youth corrections campus for new homeless recovery center

WATKINS — On the treeless flatlands east of Denver, in a field of yellow-brown weeds that feels like the middle of nowhere, sits an empty campus with seven dormitories, 500 beds, a cafeteria, a gym and a football field.  Gov. Jared Polis has big plans for the place, a state-owned facility that for two decades […]

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Colorado hires private investigators to find teens who went missing when the state abruptly closed a youth center

When state child welfare officials arrived at a now-closed youth center to collect teenagers and send them to other placements, surprised kids scattered into the fields surrounding the residential facility in Watkins. A month later, two teenage boys are still missing.  And in the aftermath of what critics are calling a botched operation to abruptly […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s COVID-19 vaccine plans must be clear, transparent and guided by science

After COVID-19 had claimed more than 300,000 lives, Americans received word in December that two vaccines had been granted emergency authorization in the United States. Now, as the first Coloradans have begun to receive their vaccinations, questions are emerging about who should get the first doses and how distribution is being managed.  At AARP Colorado, […]

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Youth suicides on the Eastern Plains spark political protest, “7 is too many” social media campaign

The latest deaths dropped on the tight-knit communities of the Eastern Plains like a heavy fog.  Last month it was a senior at tiny Merino High, a girl who signed up for school plays and organized blood drives but was happiest in the rodeo arena.  Then, just a few weeks later, in December, students in […]

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Colorado hospitals — under increased scrutiny — raised prices and saw more profit, new report says

The amount of profit Colorado hospitals made per patient hit its highest level in at least a decade in 2018, according to a new report from the state Department of Health Care Policy and Financing that spells out the Polis’ administration’s argument for trying to aggressively limit hospital prices. Hospitals statewide made an average per-patient […]