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“At a crisis point”: Homes are out of reach for many Colorado teachers. What does that mean for schools?

A new report highlights how houses have become too expensive for teachers and other workers. Raising wages alone won’t fix the affordability issue.

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What’s behind next year’s 9% minimum wage increase in Denver and Colorado

Restaurants knew an increase was coming in 2023 but the 9% seems shocking to some as Denver’s minimum wage goes to $17.29 and Colorado’s to $13.68. But others say wages have not kept up with inflation.

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What the staff at BookBar suggests for your next great read


Silverman: Like many others, I have left downtown Denver, but not entirely

My family and I have a long history in downtown Denver. I recently relocated my office to the Tech Center, but downtown is never far away.

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Opinion: Denver is nickel-and-diming its most vulnerable residents with fees

The city should dig into its existing budget to pay for what it wants

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Denver, Jefferson County school districts raise hourly wages for support staff struggling to afford food and housing

Denver school district is raising hourly wages to $20 an hour and Jeffco is moving toward $18 an hour.


Second round of Denver e-bike rebates snapped up in hours, leaving only a few for income-qualified applicants

Denver had 2,000 rebate vouchers available. They went fast in a crush of applications that crashed the computer system used to accept them


Bus assistants, language interpreters and other support staff — in short supply at Colorado schools — are seeking unions and better pay

While paraprofessionals and other support staff ask for raises from Denver Public Schools, bus assistants and language interpreters in other metro districts are determined to unionize.


Denver’s Convergence Station could be the second Meow Wolf location to unionize

Full-time workers at the high-traffic immersive art installation say they began to organize after Meow Wolf cut their hours just enough to put benefits at risk


Dozens of Ukrainian refugees have found a temporary home in a Polish palace. A Colorado coalition is paying for their stay.

The coalition has committed to paying the lease so that between 80 and 90 refugees can live in the palace, where the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow is providing meals, computers, therapy and comfort.


Electric school buses are in Colorado’s future. But districts need help paying for them.

Several districts have already started converting school bus fleets to electric. A new state grant program is making the $400K buses affordable.


Tourists quickly returned to Colorado’s mountain towns during COVID. But they’re just now getting back to Denver.

Denver welcomed 31.7 million visitors last year, a 14.5% jump from 2020. But business and international travel is still lagging.


Carman: Colorado takes a tentative step toward meeting the crisis of homelessness

A significant factor in homelessness is mental illness and substance misuse, and it’s difficult to make progress toward long-term solutions without addressing them.

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Denver ready to ante $45 million as contender to host 2026 FIFA World Cup

Denver Sports Commission boss says the city has raised half the money needed to host the World Cup and insists no taxpayer dollars were involved in the bid


Littwin: Does the Colorado GOP’s path back to power go through Denver or under it?

Some Republicans have begun slamming Denver, one calling it a “toilet,” apparently hoping to shift voters their way. Does anyone really think that will work?

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Is calling Denver a “toilet bowl” a winning message for Colorado Republicans in 2022?

Denver and its surrounding counties, including Boulder, are Colorado’s population center. As such, they are home to most of the state’s House and Senate districts.

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VIDEO: Solutions to the Affordable Housing Crisis

What’s Working: Colorado needs transit and truck drivers. How’s a $5,000 bonus sound?

Here’s how Denver and RTD are handling the driver shortage. Plus: Inflation continues, new business laws and more.


Denver e-bike rebates are flying off the shelf. Here’s the climate change connection.

Climate change office has $400 to $1,200 vouchers to make car replacement a reality for bike fans, and thousands are signing up.


Silverman: Former Denver District Attorney Norm Early was a fierce advocate for victims’ rights

Former Denver District Attorney Norm Early died recently at age 76. A former governor called Early “the best trial lawyer I ever watched.”  

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