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Denver high school students protest outside DPS offices calling for removal of board member Tay Anderson

Students from across Colorado's largest district held a walkout Monday morning, insisting they feel unsafe and want DPS to do more to protect them.


Investigators couldn’t back up sexual assault claims against Tay Anderson, but found he flirted with underage student

Denver Public Schools Board of Education will meet Friday to consider a censure of Anderson, who was at the center of a six-month investigation into allegations of sexual assault.


“Cheers to Kit”: A Denver woman’s 9/11 death stole 20 years of memories from her family

Kathleen “Kit” Faragher was among a number of Coloradans or people connected to the state who were killed in the terrorist attacks 20 years ago.


Denver will close Civic Center park near Colorado Capitol for safety, health concerns

City officials said the park and surrounding areas have become a “hotspot for violence, crime, drug sales and substance misuse"


There’s a divide between diversity in north metro Denver communities and their city councils

About 49% of residents in Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton, Northglenn and Westminster are non-white, according to an average of 2020 Census data. Meanwhile, about 18% of members of the various city councils in the north Denver metro area are non-White.

Politics and Government

Dick Lamm, Colorado’s former governor, is remembered for his policy, passion and prescience

Colorado political figures honored Lamm’s contributions to the state at a memorial service in Denver

Politics and Government

“Surrounded by toxicity”: As Colorado schools reopen, pandemic-fueled politics overwhelm classrooms

The school year is starting off in turmoil as mask mandates in some districts divide families and educators.


There’s a shady (and leafy) divide between Denver’s whiter, wealthier neighborhoods and everyone else

Trees and green spaces can make people healthier and happier, but maps show communities of color and low-income neighborhoods across the city have less access to shade.


Silverman: Look closely, stop and listen, and you can find the heart of Denver

After watching Denver businesses close their doors due to COVID and protests, even the reopening of a downtown McDonald's offered a pick-me-up

Opinion Columns

Wilson: The Hancock vaccine mandate might be legal, but that doesn’t make it right

There are many of us who feel unease and fear about the coronavirus vaccine and mandates


Opinion: Recycling and composting can reduce greenhouse gasses

But it’s rarely an option for most of Denver’s apartment dwellers. This ballot measure would change that.

Opinion Columns

Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Among the 113 largest cities examined by researchers for a decade only two qualified as "integrated." One of them was Colorado Springs. Denver ranked as "highly segregated"


Bucking Denver-area trends, Mapleton schools grow by attracting out-of-district students

Among 15 metro area districts, the only other district with an upward enrollment trend over the last five years is the Brighton-based School District 27J where development is booming


Supply chain problems — from salsa to sheet metal — are hampering Colorado businesses’ coronavirus recovery

Colorado businesses face increasing costs and lengthy wait times to purchase items ranging from chicken wings to sheet metal as supply chain crunches disrupt markets across the globe.


Woman gets community service for hitting protester with car in Denver

Jennifer Watson was acquitted of assault in July but found guilty of misdemeanor reckless driving

Crime and Courts

Denver requires coronavirus vaccination for all city employees, hospital workers and teachers

The public health order is one of the most sweeping in the nation issued by a city


What should Colorado’s new Department of Early Childhood look like? Leaders want parent, teacher say.

With three months to figure out the department’s structure, the state wants to know how to improve preschool services and financial aid for families.


Bus stop by bus stop, Denver-area health officials microtarget vaccine hesitancy

A mobile clinic in the East Colfax neighborhood is part of a new push by Denver-area public health officials to find the neighborhoods where vaccinations lag behind state or county averages


SunLit Special: “The Holly” tells the story of Terrance Roberts, his Denver neighborhood and much more

Author Julian Rubinstein focuses on north Park Hill's gang culture, but also other forces that shaped the neighborhood -- from cops to gentrification to George Floyd


Can televised Russian face-slapping save Denver’s sports bars?

Tavern owners answer COVID-19 lull with high-tech gadgetry and quirky new offerings

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