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Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo apologizes a decade after visitor’s death

Zoo president Bert Vescolani on Friday publicly apologized to Gail Waters for her son Alonzo Ashley's July 2011 death


Drew Litton: On vaccination day, don’t poke the bears


Denver Zoo will begin vaccinating its animals against COVID-19

Transmission is rare between humans and other species, but there have been several documented cases of COVID-19 in large cats, monkeys and certain rodent populations


Colorado summer camps are gearing up for a full season of swimming, sightseeing — and sanitizing

Camps will make a big return this summer, with parents and kids alike eager for more carefree days. Many camps, catering to fewer kids, have already hit capacity.


Denver Zoo struggles during coronavirus to feed its hungry animals

The zoo was closed nearly three months early in the pandemic, then imposed restrictions on crowd sizes since reopening to the public June 12


Colorado wildlife officials have already put down 12 bears this year. Can a new Denver Zoo exhibit help reverse the trend?

Denver Zoo’s Harmony Hill aims to teach visitors how to keep bears -- and themselves -- safe


Why Denver Zoo’s new CEO thinks the zoo of the future will likely have fewer animals

A Q&A with Bert Vescolani on aging exhibits, ugly creatures and that time he led a program to train sharks


There’s a lot more to the departure of Denver Zoo’s polar bears than you’ve heard

Stressed-out grizzlies, antiquated habitats and an uncertain master plan all played a part