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Denver Art Museum shakes off the stuffiness as it unveils a $150 million, forward-looking overhaul 

More mind-blowing than Meow Wolf! More windows than ever! More square footage of artwork out of storage. And double the number of elevators! The Denver Art Museum this week unveiled a thoughtful and physically stunning overhaul of the Martin Building — it’s been not just renovated but “reimagined,” the curators like to say — in […]

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Plundered art held by the Denver Art Museum revealed in Pandora Papers’ exposé of billionaire finances

The Denver Art Museum has been lassoed into an International art smuggling scam and is now trying to extricate itself in negotiations with the Cambodian government. The looting and trafficking of Khmer Empire statues and artifacts from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand came to light in an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists examination of offshore trusts […]

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Daniel Wolf, rancher and visionary art collector, dies in Ridgway

In the last few weeks, Daniel Wolf made time to help his eldest daughter with a new project. He helped India shovel through frozen dirt buried beneath the snow, unearthing peony rhizomes and planting them in her newly built greenhouse. It wasn’t unusual for him to take an interest in his daughters’ passions, to spend […]

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$1 loans? $10 million for a nail salon? Colorado’s federal coronavirus loan data has some eye-popping errors

The small business jackpot of $660 billion in forgivable loans helped thousands of small businesses in Colorado get through the coronavirus-related shutdowns in March. But just as the application process for the federal Paycheck Protection Program proved chaotic, so too is making sense of the data that shows who received how much. Some companies are […]

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You know Monet’s famous paintings, but Denver’s new exhibit provides a career-spanning look at his work

Claude Monet is the painter who gave the Impressionists their name, though it wasn’t his intention — nor was it meant as a compliment. Monet and a band of like-minded artists — including Edgar Degas, Pierre-August Renoir, and Paul Cezanne — snubbed by the official art world put on their own exhibition in the spring […]

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From Tinkertoys to avocado greens: Denver Art Museum show presents play as a serious form of inspiration

You can almost hear vintage America breathing a sigh of relief — the midcentury modern design exhibition at the Denver Museum of Art celebrates a time of post-War optimism, rejuvenation and experimentation. Architects and designers led the country in a giant exhale, welcoming a bright (if sometimes avocado-green) future in everything from decor to advertising, […]