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Can nixing daylight saving time unite Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District?

Scott Yates knows it’s hard to find common ground in this hyperpartisan, divided political world. But he’s hoping the voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District can agree on at least one thing: It’s time to get rid of daylight saving time. The latest Democrat to throw his hat in the ring for the House seat, […]

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Ouray police officers turned down the coronavirus vaccine. Then almost the entire department fell ill.

When Ouray Police Chief Jeff Wood started feeling sick on Monday, Feb. 1, he brushed it off as a sinus infection. The mild fever, muscle aches and minor congestion that he noticed for two days seemed more like a sinus infection than anything to worry about, and by Wednesday, he felt better. He attended a […]

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Daniel Wolf, rancher and visionary art collector, dies in Ridgway

In the last few weeks, Daniel Wolf made time to help his eldest daughter with a new project. He helped India shovel through frozen dirt buried beneath the snow, unearthing peony rhizomes and planting them in her newly built greenhouse. It wasn’t unusual for him to take an interest in his daughters’ passions, to spend […]

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The Colorado-grown Capitol Christmas Tree is a symbol of unity in a year of turmoil

OURAY — When it began to grow, the world was in turmoil. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had started his second term. Eight million people were out of work, some were starving. Roosevelt inherited a country mired in the worst economic crisis in U.S. history — The Great Depression. The seedling grew, its branches reaching toward […]

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People are effectively training bears to get into trouble, and Colorado wildlife officials are sick of it

OURAY — The bear was immense by Colorado standards, 394 pounds of muscle and fur, and it lay sprawled across the necropsy table as the prime suspect in a murder. Days earlier, in August 2009, wildlife officers had been called to a grisly scene at a house outside Ouray, where a frail, 74-year-old woman named […]

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Original Thinkers festival mines for creativity in limestone quarry near Telluride

SAN MIGUEL COUNTY — In this place, where miners in the past harvested limestone from the mountains near Telluride, Gabriel Lifton-Zoline hopes to extract creativity and ideas. The decommissioned Deep Creek Mine is ground zero for an art, music and light show installation as well as the grand finale for the second annual Telluride Original […]

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Parked: Ouray woman watches a mobile-home investment evaporate with her mother’s death

For many Coloradans, the purchase of a single- or double-wide trailer represents their variation on the American dream of home ownership and a slice of financial equity, even in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. But in Ouray, Lillian McMurrin’s experience stands as a cautionary tale of how the relationship between mobile-home park resident […]

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Message scent: Douglas fir beetles detoured from Ouray forest by pheromone packets

These are not the trees you’re looking for. That’s the message sent by the scent wafting from Douglas fir trees on Ouray’s perimeter. The smell emanates from bubble packs stapled to the trees. The packs contain chemicals that mimic the pheromones pine beetles use to send messages to each other. This time, the message is […]