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Opinion: Denver’s shrinking school enrollment is an opportunity to improve

But DPS needs a good plan, the right data, and a strong stomach

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Opinion: No question: Colorado’s population growth is unsustainable

Think our air and traffic are bad now? How do you like Colorado with an additional 3 million people in 2050?

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Opinion: As Colorado’s Hispanic population grows, so does its political voice

And that voice is asking for lower taxes and expanded medical and education options

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After shooting, unrest, Wyoming gets its first Black sheriff

Aaron Appelhans, who grew up in Denver, takes the helm of the Albany County Sheriff's Office in a time of turmoil following the police shooting of an unarmed man during a traffic stop.

Crime and Courts

As 2020 Census approaches finish line, Colorado looks to close the gap of who’s undercounted

While final results won’t be available for months, self-response rates are showing mixed results compared to 2010

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As Coloradans grow older, there’s a push for policies that benefit all ages

“Creating opportunities for 20-year-olds will help them when they’re 60,” said Elizabeth Garner, the state's demographer


2020 forecast: Colorado is getting older and narrowing the housing gap, but really needs middle-wage jobs

A look at Colorado's past and future for predictions about the state's aging population, how the current construction boom compares to the ’70s and more


Here’s the top political story of 2019 and the decade in Colorado. And what to watch in 2020.

A survey of political observers from across the partisan ledger put the 2019 legislative session and the U.S. Senate race top of mind.

Politics and Government

Three graphics that explain the 2018 election and Colorado’s political future

In the era of President Donald Trump, the GOP is seeing declines in key Colorado counties, a new analysis by The Colorado Sun shows

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