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Opinion: Denver’s shrinking school enrollment is an opportunity to improve

The Denver Public School Board just navigated a difficult set of decisions regarding the renewal of 16 of Denver’s 58 charter schools. The DPS charter renewal process and outcome was an exemplar for how to do school authorizing with a focus on student learning, whether charter- or district-managed.  These Denver charter school renewal decisions will […]

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Opinion: No question: Colorado’s population growth is unsustainable

As we head into 2022, you cannot help but witness massive construction cranes towering over the Denver skyline.  Each one equates to another 40-story apartment building or skyscraper pushing into the Brown Cloud over the city. When you drive along Sheridan, Wadsworth or many other streets, you see endless construction of condos crammed into every […]

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Opinion: As Colorado’s Hispanic population grows, so does its political voice

Colorado’s demographics are changing, and that will have important ramifications for the policy decisions made in the state capitol and in Congress, which affect so much of our everyday lives. Until now, it’s been common for politicians to pay lip service to the concerns of Hispanic voters, while offering little in the way of concrete […]

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As 2020 Census approaches finish line, Colorado looks to close the gap of who’s undercounted

The last day for Coloradans to respond to the 2020 census, the decennial poll of everyone living in the U.S. that determines how billions of dollars are spent across the country, is fast approaching. As of Thursday, more than 96% of the state’s households have been counted, with almost 70% responding on their own. That’s […]

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As Coloradans grow older, there’s a push for policies that benefit all ages

Janine Vanderburg led 42 workshops across the state in 2018 to learn about the concerns older adults had about aging or ageism. One issue became clear. Adults were working longer — and wanted to — but they often felt discrimination in the workplace or during the hiring process. “People said, ‘That workplace discrimination issue that […]

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Here’s the top political story of 2019 and the decade in Colorado. And what to watch in 2020.

Colorado’s political landscape shifted significantly in the past year — and decade — as Democrats moved more firmly into power, backed by a transformed electorate. The new political reality led to major changes in policies and birthed a new generation of leaders on both sides of the political spectrum. To capture this scene, The Colorado […]

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Three graphics that explain the 2018 election and Colorado’s political future

The historic Democratic wins in the 2018 election are no fluke — but rather a sign of Colorado’s political future. A new analysis by The Colorado Sun found that all but one of the state’s seven congressional districts is shifting to favor Democrats, including once rock-solid Republican turf. And a handful of one-time swing counties […]