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Conservation Colorado

Conservation Colorado
Conservation Colorado

Colorado refuses to ease rules for how much pollution gets discharged into rivers and streams

Members of the Water Quality Control Commission said they were shocked by the blowback to a proposed change that would have made it easier for industry, utilities to send more pollution downstream.


Colorado neighborhoods will get tougher toxic air monitoring of heavy polluters

House Bill 1189 passed this week with a push from community advocates and conservation groups seeking more real-time, publicly disclosed tracking of dangerous pollutants like benzene.


Industries could dump more pollution into Colorado rivers under proposed rule change that goes against recommendations

Clean water advocates say a state commission is preparing to double down on a bad decision last year that failed to protect Clear Creek and the South Platte, and that a broader ruling may endanger more pristine streams.


Colorado Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s emissions reduction roadmap. Polis says he’s not on board.

Climate goals and deadlines to reach them would be set in state law under Senate Bill 200. Some of the work would be funded by charging polluters a fee for each ton of carbon dioxide they release.


Suncor refinery neighbors can get warnings and details on chemical leaks sent to phones

The embattled oil and gas industrial site pledges to tell Commerce City, Globeville-Elyria-Swansea and others when new incidents occur through texts and phone alerts


Colorado oil and gas industry blasts Biden’s pause on public lands drilling as environmental advocates cheer

The orders are intended to cut emissions from oil, gas and coal to help slow some of the worst effects of climate change


Colorado regulators target tiny oil field device that’s a big contributor to greenhouse gas, ozone pollution

Even major oil companies admit that tens of thousands of pneumatic controllers should be upgraded to prevent natural gas from seeping out


Opinion: New oil and gas rules make Colorado a leader in protecting public and the environment

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Colorado oil and gas regulators finalize new rules for the drilling industry — and themselves

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission changes include a requirement that most new drilling be set back at least 2,000 feet from homes and schools


“Flaring” at oil and gas wells to be curtailed as Colorado regulators adopt some of nation’s strictest rules

The practice of burning off natural gas is relatively rare in Colorado, but tough rules on flaring and venting may help the state meet greenhouse gas reduction goals.


Wildfires make work to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions even more crucial, Gov. Polis says

In an address to state air-quality regulators, Polis reaffirmed ambitious climate-related goals. But some say the roadmap to reach them lacks urgency.


A bold plan to protect 30% of Colorado lands and waters by 2030

Conservation groups hope to corral lawmakers, land managers, tribes and private landowners in a mission to add 14 million acres to Colorado’s trove of 6 million protected acres.


Colorado releases its plan to slash greenhouse gases, leaving some environmental groups wanting more

The Colorado Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap, nine months in the making, quickly drew flak when it was released on Wednesday

Oil and gas companies must monitor fracking emissions as Colorado adopts first-in-the-nation rules to reduce air pollution

Some environmental groups say the new regulations, which also give local governments access to collected data, aren’t fully baked even after long negotiations

Fight over Colorado setback rule sets up make-or-break hearing on how close is too close for oil and gas

The drawn-out battle over state rulemaking still centers on how far operations should be set back from homes and schools. But environmentalists say residents should not be “guinea pigs” while the work is done.


Colorado increases tax on oil and gas operators to fund a $3.4 million shortfall in regulators’ budget

The drilling industry supported the move after the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission opted not to increase the tax by a larger margin


U.S. Senate passes measure to fully fund Land and Water Conservation Fund, tackle National Park maintenance

After years of stalled efforts, the Great American Outdoors Act gained traction thanks to Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, who won backing from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump

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Environmentalists worry Colorado will see a surge of abandoned oil and gas wells as industry tanks

The number of temporarily abandoned oil and gas wells is up 37% from last year, but Colorado regulators say they still have the time -- and money -- to inspect them


Colorado oil and gas regulators punt major rule changes until after their paid replacements are hired

The time crunch around creating rules under Senate Bill 181 is growing critical as numerous ballot initiatives to change the way oil and gas operates in Colorado still are in play


Colorado scrutinizes oil and gas tax breaks as severance taxes drop and the state budget gets tight

A recent legislative analysis finds the Colorado oil and gas industry pays second lowest severance tax rate among nine Western states

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