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Colorado voters typically reject tax hikes. There’s an exception when it comes to funding parks and trails.

Last year was a banner year for voters across the country approving taxes that protected open spaces, parks and public land. There were 51 conservation funding measures on ballots last year and voters approved 50 of them, creating a flow of more than $3.7 billion for the climate, open space and parks for the next […]

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Oil and gas regulators dial back rules that keep industry from sticking Colorado with bill for orphan wells

Trying to balance a mandate to ensure the state is not stuck with abandoned oil and gas wells against the financial needs of the industry, Colorado regulators have issued a revised plan that has buoyed operators and left environmentalists in despair. Gone from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s initial draft rule for financial […]

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Colorado refuses to ease rules for how much pollution gets discharged into rivers and streams

The state Water Quality Control Commission has delayed for at least a decade a controversial proposal that would have allowed further degradation of Colorado waters already challenged by pollution  In a scheduled review of the state’s “antidegradation” provision — a key to the federal Clean Water Act — some on the commission had sought to […]

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Colorado neighborhoods will get tougher toxic air monitoring of heavy polluters

Dangerous releases of toxic air by some of Colorado’s heaviest air polluters will get greater scrutiny after the legislature passed a bill requiring “fenceline” monitoring and expanded mobile testing by the state, according to activists hailing the proposal.  The legislature gave final approval this week to House Bill 1189 — and sent it on for […]

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Industries could dump more pollution into Colorado rivers under proposed rule change that goes against recommendations

A year ago, the state’s water quality commissioners overruled not only their staff but other state agencies like Colorado Parks and Wildlife, along with a broad and very angry coalition of conservation groups. Now, according to the conservation groups, the commission is about to do the same thing again. Only this time, the river advocates […]

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Colorado Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s emissions reduction roadmap. Polis says he’s not on board.

In a move to bolster Colorado’s push to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Democratic legislators are seeking to put pollution reductions outlined by the Polis administration into law, set deadlines and provide more money for the effort. Senate Bill 200 is an effort to codify much of the work that has gone to curb pollutants since […]

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Suncor refinery neighbors can get warnings and details on chemical leaks sent to phones

Neighbors of the troubled Suncor refinery in Commerce City and north Denver can begin signing up today for notifications directly from the company explaining the chemical releases that periodically hit the community from the sprawling plant, Suncor said Wednesday.  Suncor said signups to receive Spanish or English, calls or emails will be available by Wednesday […]

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Colorado oil and gas industry blasts Biden’s pause on public lands drilling as environmental advocates cheer

Conservation advocates in the West quickly praised President Joe Biden’s executive order pausing new oil and gas leases on federal lands and in federal waters, while the resource industry and local business backers called it a misguided attack with massive economic fallout.  “For far too long, federal lands in Colorado have been leased to big […]

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Colorado regulators target tiny oil field device that’s a big contributor to greenhouse gas, ozone pollution

Colorado air regulators and oil industry engineers have been on the hunt for fugitive chemical emissions from drill sites and storage facilities for years, and they are now closing in on what may be “the last of the low-hanging fruit” – pneumatic controllers. The Air Quality Control Commission is set to take up a proposed […]

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Opinion: New oil and gas rules make Colorado a leader in protecting public and the environment

Let’s set the record straight: Coloradans can’t trust the oil and gas industry to put public health and safety ahead of their bottom line. Just like any other industry, oil and gas must be held accountable in order to protect the well being of Coloradans and our environment. Thankfully, new rules governing oil and gas […]