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Colorado Supreme Court

Colorado Supreme Court
Colorado Supreme Court

Police violated Colorado Springs man’s constitutional rights with 24/7 surveillance, court rules

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the officers violated the man’s Fourth Amendment rights when they set up a camera on a utility pole and spied on him for three months.

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$100M lawsuit over smelly Weld County fertilizer plant can go ahead after high court declines to hear appeal

The Colorado Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment about a biogas plant that generated complaints about the smell from neighbors

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Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear case challenging ski areas’ use of waivers to avoid lawsuits

Charlotte Redden appealed her argument against the blanket immunity provided to resorts in ubiquitous liability waivers to Colorado’s highest court, which declined to hear her case. “This is a tragedy for ski safety in Colorado,” said one lawyer.


Colorado Supreme Court ends decade-long fight over teen skier’s death in Vail inbounds avalanche

Taft Conlin was killed in an avalanche on Prima Cornice in 2012. His family argued for years that Vail Mountain failed to properly close the run when slide danger was high.


Colorado’s new redistricting process faces a time crunch. The state Supreme Court will decide whether to push back deadlines.

As a last resort, one commission has also proposed cutting public hearings to 21 from 32 to wrap up sooner

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Racial discrimination still exists in jury selection. Colorado’s Supreme Court rejected a proposal meant to fix that.

The court rejected a proposal, modeled after one adopted in Washington state, aimed at addressing implicit racism in how juries are picked

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Colorado Supreme Court expands access to internal police probes

The court's 5-2 ruling on Monday removes a significant barrier for information seekers under a 2019 law that made completed internal affairs investigations into alleged police misconduct public records

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Colorado Supreme Court rejects animal cruelty ballot measure strongly opposed by farmers, ranchers

Initiative 16 heads back to the title board and its proponents for changes

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Colorado Supreme Court tells lawmakers to stay out of redistricting process, but signs off on use of preliminary data

The court said lawmakers could not dictate that independent commissions use preliminary Census data to meet fast-approaching redistricting deadlines.

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Lawmakers can allow school districts to raise property taxes without voter approval, Colorado Supreme Court rules

Monday’s ruling will likely allow districts to recoup millions of dollars in lost revenue and resolve a complicated tax issue that’s been swirling around the legislature and schools since 2007

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Colorado judge resigns after state Supreme Court censure over multiple reports of racial bias

18th Judicial District Judge Natalie T. Chase was censured by the Colorado Supreme Court after a former court employee reported a conversation in which she used the N-word repeatedly


Colorado Supreme Court’s first female chief justice and its first Black justice die in the same week

Mary Mullarkey and Gregory Kellam Scott both were in their 70s

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Millions more for Colorado K-12 schools? Lawmakers seek court opinion first.

Current Colorado lawmakers want to slowly increase local school district property taxes without a vote. They say it doesn't violate the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights because a generation ago voters agreed to higher rates and state officials improperly lowered them.


Judge rules Colorado cities cannot enact their own gun restrictions, case could move to state Supreme Court

The law, passed after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, banned the possession of assault-style weapons and some gun accessories that make it easier to fire large numbers of bullets quickly.

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Colorado cities can’t force developers to build affordable housing. Democratic lawmakers want to change that.

New state legislation would reverse a 20-year-old court decision and allow cities and counties to require affordable units in new developments.


Colorado Supreme Court confirms that Democrats’ speed-reading of bills violated state constitution

The situation arose from Republicans' efforts to stall the lawmaking process in protest of Democratic policies

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Nicolais: Colorado’s judicial system is broken. Can Chief Justice Boatright fix it?

Colorado’s chief justice has developed skills that should help him guide the judicial branch through its current crisis

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Colorado Judicial Branch faces major challenges in culture, diversity and trial backlogs, chief justice says

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright delivered his State of the Judiciary speech to the legislature on Thursday, vowing to make change. He said the judicial branch faces a “crisis of confidence in its leadership.”

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Colorado’s judicial branch to be investigated for sexual harassment, gender discrimination

A panel of representatives from the legislature, Colorado Attorney General’s office and Gov. Jared Polis’ office will form to choose the investigators

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A guide to how Amendment 23, “the budget stabilization factor” and “the negative factor” shape education spending in Colorado

The Sun’s Capitol Sunlight project helps Coloradans understand how the state’s political systems and spending work

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