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Colorado Supreme Court approves new congressional map drawn by redistricting commission

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday unanimously approved a new map of the state’s eight U.S. House districts drawn by the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission, despite arguments from Democratic and Latino advocacy groups that it dilutes the power of Latino voters. “The plan surely will not please everyone,” Justice Monica Marquez wrote in the […]

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Here are the legal challenges to Colorado’s new legislative maps

To clear the final hurdle in Colorado’s once-a-decade redistricting process, the new state House and Senate maps will need to overcome legal objections that they improperly split up cities like Lakewood and Greeley, and don’t create enough competitive districts.  Those objections were raised by five groups ahead of a Friday noon deadline, and represent about […]

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Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear Tina Peters’ appeal of ruling barring her from having role in 2021 election

The Colorado Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to hear Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ appeal of a ruling last week barring her from having a role in the upcoming 2021 election. Peters’ appeal argued that Mesa County District Court Judge Valerie J. Robison didn’t have the authority to remove her as the county’s designated election […]

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Legal challenges pour in as Colorado Supreme Court is set to review new congressional map

Latino advocacy groups, Colorado Common Cause and national Democratic groups are objecting to a new Colorado U.S. House map on the grounds that it would unconstitutionally dilute the influence of the state’s Latino residents, according to documents filed with the Supreme Court Friday.   “The Latino community in Colorado has been growing quickly, and the new […]

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Police violated Colorado Springs man’s constitutional rights with 24/7 surveillance, court rules

Colorado Springs police officers went too far — infringing on a man’s Fourth Amendment right to privacy — when they installed a camera on a utility pole across the street from his home and recorded footage for three months without obtaining a search warrant, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday.  Police mounted the camera in […]

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$100M lawsuit over smelly Weld County fertilizer plant can go ahead after high court declines to hear appeal

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed a $100 million lawsuit against the state’s health department to move forward in a case involving an odoriferous biogas plant in Weld County after the high court declined to hear the state’s appeal. Last year, a split panel of judges from the Colorado Court of Appeals affirmed a […]

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Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear case challenging ski areas’ use of waivers to avoid lawsuits

The Colorado Supreme Court will not consider a case that questions ski areas’ use of waivers to protect themselves from lawsuits filed by injured skiers. Attorneys fighting for skier safety fear the end of legal challenges to now-ubiquitous resort liability waivers may mean the death of the venerable Ski Safety Act. The state’s highest court […]

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Colorado Supreme Court ends decade-long fight over teen skier’s death in Vail inbounds avalanche

The Colorado Supreme Court has denied an appeal by the family of a 13-year-old skier killed in an inbounds avalanche in 2012 at Vail ski area. The court’s denial to hear the case effectively ends a nearly 10-year fight by the parents of Taft Conlin. Louise Ingalls and Steve Conlin argued that Vail ski area […]

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Colorado’s new redistricting process faces a time crunch. The state Supreme Court will decide whether to push back deadlines.

With September’s constitutional deadlines looming for the submission of final redistricting maps, Colorado’s independent congressional and legislative redistricting commissions are calling on the Colorado Supreme Court to move deadlines and buy more time.  “This is an extraordinary and highly challenging redistricting year,” the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission wrote in a request to the court earlier […]