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What’s behind next year’s 9% minimum wage increase in Denver and Colorado

At The Preservery, a neighborhood eatery in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, the cost of food and other expenses has gone up at least 20% since the pandemic. Rent is higher. There are also additional costs to boost job openings online, which has “for sure” added 60% to recruitment expenses, said co-owner Whitney Ariss. But faced with […]

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What’s Working: Colorado is offering up to $50,000 to tap into an old-timey resource — apprenticeships

As the challenge continues for employers to fill job openings — and workers try to get a job offer — there’s been a big push by the state of Colorado to tap into an old-timey resource: apprenticeships. But first, in local economic news, Colorado’s February unemployment rate came in at 4%, which is slightly lower […]

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What’s Working: Colorado tops labor lists — even for restaurant workers

In recent weeks, my inbox has been full of bold claims by private companies and industry groups revealing Colorado as one of the top states for: Remote workers — #2 thanks to low-monthly utility bills and internet prices Lowest-paid veterinarians  — #2 based on average vet pay vs. all occupations. Colorado pays vets an average […]

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What’s Working: Denver business leaders say $45,000 is the new “scrape-by” wage

If you’ve been wondering what Denver’s business leaders think about work, jobs and unemployment, a pretty large source of influence had already taken a stand.  “An economy that doesn’t work for all Coloradans doesn’t work for us,” Prosper CO says on its website. The organization was started as a committee two years ago by the […]

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Unemployed Coloradans want work that pays a livable wage as employers struggle to fill openings

With the summer season just days away, Island Grill at the Frisco Bay Marina is short 70% of its usual seven-person kitchen crew.  Owner Bob Kato, who also operates the Tavern West restaurant on West Main Street, says the labor crunch is especially hard this year. Both restaurants are hiring just as other businesses in […]

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Opinion: To help save Colorado restaurants, we need another round of alcohol to go

Over the past 15 months, Coloradans have experienced many things that we never could have imagined prior: a global pandemic, the shutdown and closure of scores of beloved local businesses, remote schooling for countless children, and so much more.  Colorado restaurants have been severely impacted between the spring and winter 2020 indoor-dining shutdowns and the […]

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Colorado is offering up to $1,600 to people on unemployment who find a full-time job

Start a full-time job by May 29, stick with it for two months and get a $1,600 signing bonus from Colorado. That’s the new message Gov. Jared Polis began promoting to Coloradans on unemployment on Wednesday.  But the new Colorado Jumpstart Program incentive has some disqualifiers even for jobless workers who end up with full-time […]