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Colorado Restaurant Association

Colorado Restaurant Association

New Year, new minimum wage: Colorado’s hourly rate jumps to $12.32 an hour

The increase worries businesses already reeling from pandemic restrictions, including restaurants where tipped workers will get $9.30 an hour. Others say it’s long overdue.

Colorado unemployment claims are sharply rising again with restaurants seeing largest share of job cuts

The state has paid out $6.5 billion in benefits since the pandemic began, nearly the same amount as it did across three years of the Great Recession

Defiant Colorado restaurants could lose licenses, Gov. Polis says

Numerous Larimer County businesses, including restaurants and breweries, said they will not further restrict the capacity of their operations as the county shifts to Level Red on the state's coronavirus dial.

Will Colorado’s special legislative session save restaurants? “Probably not,” industry leader says.

However, Sonia Riggs, CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association, thinks any relief will be beneficial and may be able to help eateries at the margins

Colorado restaurants worry the governor’s latest coronavirus restrictions are the final blow

At least 15 counties will enter Colorado’s “red” coronavirus level on Friday, meaning indoor dining at restaurants must cease. Hordes of workers are losing their jobs.

What’s Working: As coronavirus cases increased, so did the number of Coloradans filing for unemployment

Plus: How Colorado restaurants are figuring out how to stay open outdoors, a free feast this Thanksgiving and the Dec. 26 doozy

Opinion: DACA is good for business, good for our community and good for our country

Many Colorado restaurants have closed. The ones still open aren’t sure how long they can weather coronavirus.

State data shows that even though restaurants have recovered some since April, the industry is still down thousands of jobs. More than 2,500 establishments have shut down since March.

Colorado lawmakers want to keep your to-go quarantinis flowing beyond the coronavirus crisis

But not everyone is toasting the bipartisan proposal, which would extend the policy allowing restaurants and bars to sell take-out beer, wine and mixed drinks for two more years

A Denver restaurant fights to keep its doors open — and its staff paid — as coronavirus crumbles the industry

Potager, a staple of Colorado’s restaurant scene for 23 years, was in a moment of change when coronavirus hit. Now, its new owners are doing everything they can to survive the pandemic.

Keep your workers, the loan is forgiven: How Colorado banks are coordinating a massive coronavirus lifeline

The $349 billion for the federal Paycheck Protection Program is meant to "pause" the financial impact of operating in the time of the coronavirus.

Will 2020 be the year Colorado bans plastic bags, Styrofoam and other single-use plastics?

Lawmakers struck out with the first bill this session to make way for local plastic bans in Colorado. But two more are up to bat this month to regulate single-use plastics

Opinion: Is Denver’s restaurant boom about to go bust?

For many business groups, Colorado’s 2019 legislative session has been “very difficult” to navigate

Business interests breathed a sigh of relief after the paid family leave bill was turned into a study. But an equal pay measure they are concerned about is still up in the air

Why Styrofoam — amid all of Colorado’s recycling struggles — is being targeted for extinction

The plastic industry warns that there's no guarantee potential foam replacements will be recycled more just because they can be.

Colorado’s ban on banning plastics has cities’ plans to outlaw single-use bags and straws in limbo

A little-known Colorado law written to protect recycling stands is in the way of cities that want to outlaw straws, plastic grocery bags and Styrofoam containers