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Colorado Fiscal Institute

Colorado Fiscal Institute

New Year, new minimum wage: Colorado’s hourly rate jumps to $12.32 an hour

The increase worries businesses already reeling from pandemic restrictions, including restaurants where tipped workers will get $9.30 an hour. Others say it’s long overdue.

Opinion: Congress should deliver holiday COVID-19 relief

TABOR repeal is off the table for 2020. Now it’s Initiative 271, a $2 billion tax hike targeting the wealthy

Vision 2020 Colorado, a coalition behind a tax system overhaul, tells The Sun it will move forward with a graduated income tax measure that will lower taxes for the vast majority

The tax fight continues in Colorado as liberal group files 35 more ideas for the 2020 ballot

The proposed ballot initiatives would move the state back toward a graduated, or progressive, tax system that would mean higher taxes for the wealthy

More Colorado workers will get breaks, must make $42,500 salary to be exempt from overtime under draft policy

The proposal represents a major win for Colorado labor groups, who have long been pushing for the changes -- although they didn’t get everything they wanted.

The next fiscal fight in Colorado starts now: A bid to repeal TABOR and one to raise taxes on top earners

The defeat of Proposition CC on the 2019 ballot is not deterring a movement by liberal groups for a graduated income tax system

The TABOR battle is reaching new levels. Critics are testing 18 ways to rewrite Colorado tax policy.

The challenge to unraveling TABOR, Amendment 23 and the Gallagher Amendment starts with finding the right ballot wording ahead of 2020 election

Opinion: Criminalizing wage theft is only one step in the right direction

Few Colorado workers get paid time off to care for a new baby or sick family member. Changing that is a key goal for Democrats.

The measure, shot down in 2018 by Republicans concerned about small businesses, returns for a fifth time

Jared Polis cheers a GOP tax cut plan, and his political allies shudder

The debate comes as a new report shows the gap between the effective tax rates of the rich and poor has grown wider in Colorado.