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Colorado Department of Public Safety

Colorado Department of Public Safety
Colorado Department of Public Safety

Colorado just released a big report on how cannabis legalization is going. Here’s what it found.

As expected, marijuana-related arrests are down and tax revenue is up, but other trends are less clear.


Colorado is expecting another explosive wildfire year, but the state may be more prepared this time

The state’s Wildfire Preparedness Plan, released Thursday, notes that even as 2021 is shaping up to repeat the chaos of last year, agencies are collaborating more and have better support.


Calls to Colorado’s child abuse hotline fell during coronavirus, but harm to kids likely didn’t

Child welfare officials have been concerned throughout the coronavirus pandemic that kids were out of sight of teachers, doctors who must report abuse


Colorado utilities fear wildfire risk — and liability — amid warming climate

Mindful of PG&E’s struggles in California, Xcel Energy and electrical cooperatives are stepping up efforts to minimize the risk of causing wildfires.


Rifles, mine-resistant vehicles, robots: How Colorado police have used a federal program to stockpile military gear

More than 100 Colorado police and sheriff’s departments have received surplus military equipment under the federal 1033 program. Officials defend the acquisitions, saying they’re needed to keep officers safe.

Crime and Courts

Colorado’s volunteer search and rescue teams are overwhelmed and there are fears it’s going to get worse

The state’s 2,800 rescue volunteers -- a shrinking pool -- respond to 3,600 calls for help each year. Colorado’s natural resources boss said that’s “a train wreck happening before our eyes” and wants the legislature to help.


Lawmakers reject Polis’ $3 million budget request, but agree to bolster threat training after STEM shooting

Polis' $3 million request to budget writers was his first policy response following a fatal attack at STEM School Highlands Ranch