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Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Colorado unemployment office plans to use biometric ID verification to battle fraud

Fraud prevention measures have held up new federal jobless benefits to those on pandemic unemployment. “We are walking a tightrope here,” said Joe Barela, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s executive director.

Colorado reopens its unemployment system after long-awaited computer upgrade. Nearly 30,000 request payments.

The new system, however, is still not ready to handle the new 11 weeks of extended federal jobless payments for gig workers and those who’ve exhausted state benefits

What’s Working: Colorado unemployment system getting rebuilt, new round of Paycheck Protection loans start Monday

Other states have started paying the $300 bonus while some on unemployment are still waiting on the computers.

Colorado labor department blames fraud for 63% spike in new unemployment claims

New claims were unusually high in the week after Christmas -- even though pandemic benefits were no longer available. Fraudsters are now targeting the state’s regular unemployment system.

Unemployed Coloradans may have to wait 2-4 weeks before getting more federal aid

The good news is that an upgrade to the state labor department's computer systems may speed things along. But people whose benefits ended Dec. 26 will likely need to take action to get future payments.

Colorado unemployment office clarifies what people on unemployment need to do by Jan. 5

An email sent to more than 500,000 out-of-work Coloradans was corrected on Monday with the Labor Department asking users to disregard some of the information.

Colorado’s unemployment system slammed after email about jobless benefits is erroneously sent to many who are ineligible

The Colorado Department of Labor says the email “erroneously instructed” unemployed people to make a request for payment but not all were eligible. The note was intended to inform everyone about a computer upgrade and not about expiring or renewed federal benefits.

What’s Working: Small business funding available, back to business in 2021, Colorado unemployment updates and more

Plus: New unemployment system launches Jan. 10, new rules for employers, and how to start your own business

Unemployed Coloradans won’t see federal jobless aid for weeks despite Trump signing coronavirus relief bill

The lag is due to potential changes in guidelines by the U.S. Department of Labor and the need to reprogram Colorado’s unemployment computer system

Opinion: Jared Polis must take these 5 steps to prevent workplace spread of COVID-19

Here’s how Colorado’s unemployed influenced the new federal coronavirus relief bill

The new federal coronavirus relief package swapped out some unemployment benefits for $600 stimulus checks for many Americans. But Colorado had some sway on new benefits for out-of-work Americans.

What’s Working: CARES Act II inches closer as 280,000 Coloradans will lose unemployment benefits day after Christmas

What CARES Act Part II may offer to the unemployed, plus a Denver effort to help salons and barbershops, free rent and mental-health support and 75,000 job openings

A glitch in Colorado’s unemployment system kept thousands from accessing federal coronavirus aid

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment claims to have resolved the issue that erroneously prevented some people from moving to Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Jenna Ellis, President Trump’s lawyer, was fired from Weld County DA’s office for “mistakes,” records show

Documents obtained by The Colorado Sun through an open records request appear to contradict what Ellis told The Wall Street Journal about her termination

What’s Working: Two weeks until the end of unemployment benefits for 150,000 Coloradans and counting

With just a few weeks of federal CARES Act support, jobless Coloradans see options dwindle, but there still are some; plus, updates on holds, overpayments and what could happen in January

Colorado unemployment claims are sharply rising again with restaurants seeing largest share of job cuts

The state has paid out $6.5 billion in benefits since the pandemic began, nearly the same amount as it did across three years of the Great Recession

Colorado’s unemployment system is so overwhelmed that strangers have resorted to helping each other

Forums and online groups have sprung up during the pandemic as the unemployed search for answers they’re not getting from the state Labor Department.

What’s Working: Will Colorado become the nation’s precedent for extended unemployment benefits?

Plus: More small business grants, a D.C. update and how to move to PUA

New Colorado unemployment claims double over two-week span as businesses under COVID restrictions shed jobs

Hotels and restaurants are the top industries affected by new job claims, as battered Department of Labor deals with more fraud and investigating cases on hold for weeks, months

Colorado unemployment benefits site back online after outage due to expired domain

The page that unemployed workers request benefits expired on Nov. 28

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