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Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

What’s Working: How navigates face masks and social engineering to battle Colorado unemployment fraud

Plus: The state Department of Labor and Employment is cracking down on unemployed workers who don’t show up for job interviews or respond to job offers.


What’s Working: Why there are at least 2,314 new technology jobs in Colorado

Plus, the latest on federal aid for restaurants and entertainment venues, fraud updates, and overpayment issues for the unemployed.


What’s Working: The top occupations hiring in Colorado, plus a job where “you’ll never not be employed”

Occupations with the most number of job openings tell economists one main thing: Those industries are constantly looking for workers.


Unemployment fraudsters have cost Colorado at least $19.37 million

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has been able to prevent another $437.16 million in fraudulent claims from being paid out, officials said Friday


Thousands of new openings post to Colorado’s official job board each week. Here’s where they come from.

Not all jobs end up on Connecting Colorado. But finding a job or hiring for one in Colorado will always require a multi-search strategy to suss out who’s qualified and what jobs are legit.


Coloradans face hours-long delays as unemployment ID verification system is required for everyone receiving benefits

As fraud runs rampant, the state is now requiring those who haven’t been verified by the IDme tool to go ahead and do so in order to continue receiving jobless benefits.


Carman: The real question for Jared Polis’ critics: Where’s the beef?

Colorado's state auditor uncovered an accounting fiasco at the state Labor Department, and that should prompt more than mock outrage

Opinion Columns

What’s Working: Colorado’s job board has 82,000 openings. But are they real?

Plus, training options, new opportunities for small businesses and why calls to the unemployment helpline had just a 5-second wait on Friday.


Colorado’s unemployment system kept inadequate records on who was overpaid or not paid at all, auditor says

The annual financial report said the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment did not provide critical information needed for proper records keeping and oversight.

Politics and Government

Colorado’s pandemic job losses not as bad as previously announced

The state revised its December unemployment rate, previously the fourth highest nationwide, to 6.9% from 8.4%. January’s 6.6% unemployment rate puts Colorado as the 16th highest.


What’s Working: A “no gap” Colorado unemployment experience and why Charter increased its minimum wage to $18

MORE: What the new relief bill means to Colorado workers, why 4,000 unemployment accounts are still on hold in Colorado, and updates on 1099s, mixed earners and SEBs.


Colorado labor department will take unemployment system offline to prepare for new federal jobless benefits

As a result, users should not see a payment lapse as they did in December after the last federal relief package passed.


Colorado unemployment office expects “no gap” in payments after Congress passes new relief plan

After an 8-week lapse when the CARES Act ended last year, the Colorado Department of Labor says it believes it can move much faster though some may still see a delay.


What’s Working: Forgivable loans for the unemployed, the end of pandemic jobless benefits is next week

Get back on the roller coaster that is Unemployed Colorado, which heads into the last week of federal unemployment benefits. What’s next plus: Dashboards, fraud updates and more!


International fraud rings with “local nexus” are attacking Colorado’s unemployment system, investigators suspect

The state has flagged 1.1 million unemployment claims as possible fraud since the pandemic began. No charges have been filed, but AG Phil Weiser has created a task force to find the culprits.


Three Colorado college programs aim to help people with disabilities join the workforce. The state is opening doors, too.

Real-life job skills honed over four years boost people with cognitive and developmental disabilities toward the independent future of their choosing.


What’s Working: Colorado’s unemployment system is … working? Some readers say “yes.”

And there’s more: The state continues to respond to unemployment issues with fixes; a new dashboard; and two more chances to publicly ask the Department of Labor staff questions.


135,000 unemployed Coloradans get benefits after months of waiting. But thousands of others face glitches and denials.

“I WILL NOT have a stroke,” writes one frustrated, unemployed Coloradan. More fixes are being addressed this week by the Colorado Department of Labor.


After eight weeks of waiting, nearly 300,000 Coloradans can reopen their unemployment accounts Saturday

The delay was blamed on federal lawmakers passing a new coronavirus relief measure one day after CARES Act aid expired. But more delays are expected for the next round of assistance if Congress doesn’t pass a new package soon.


Colorado unemployment claims spike as federal benefits restart. But fraud is distorting the picture.

More than 75,000 Coloradans reopened their unemployment claim in order to collect new aid from Congress.

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