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Opinion: The Big Lie’s big objective is to weaken Colorado election system

Americans are witnessing an unprecedented right-wing ideological attempt to undermine confidence in our American elections. We have watched as other states and Washington, D.C. have faced attacks on our election security — all led by the Republican Party. And now it’s come to Colorado.  Over and over again, we’ve seen the Colorado Republican Party throw […]

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Opinion: Crime is up, and Democratic lawmakers aren’t helping

In 2020, riots wreaked havoc across the country. In Denver, rioters lit fires around the state capitol and smashed windows like those of the popular sandwich chain Quiznos. As cities were burned and looted, far-left Democrats pushed the dangerous and wildly out-of-touch effort to “defund the police.” In Colorado, violent crimes in 2020 increased 6.5 […]

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Colorado AFL-CIO will withhold donations to Democratic campaign committees through May 2022, saying unions have been “excluded”

The Colorado branch of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of unions, will not donate to Democratic legislative campaign committees until at least May 2022 in protest of what the organization sees as the party’s exclusion of labor interests from state policy discussions.  “We have … been excluded from caucus discussions about policy creation in […]

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Two southern Colorado Democrats are running to unseat Lauren Boebert. But they may no longer live in her district.

Congressional redistricting in Colorado may complicate the political ambitions of two Democrats running to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert next year.  Under a preliminary map of the new districts released Wednesday, state Rep. Don Valdez, of La Jara, and Pueblo community activist Sol Sandoval would live in the 4th Congressional District, rather than the […]

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Opinion: Through his veto threat, Polis is failing to deliver on campaign promises on renewables and climate change

Gov. Jared Polis last week told the Colorado Springs Gazette that he would veto Senate Bill 200 — a major bill to fight climate change and help Colorado’s Indigenous, Black, and communities of color fight environmental racism — if it passes in the Colorado legislature. The bill, which is still early in the legislative process, […]

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In Colorado, whether you want a coronavirus vaccine may depend on your party affiliation, new poll shows

Getting the coronavirus vaccine in Colorado may depend on a person’s political party affiliation, with a new poll showing Republican voters are far less likely to get inoculated than their Democratic and unaffiliated counterparts.  Magellan Strategies found that only 55% of registered voters in Colorado who haven’t been inoculated yet want to receive a vaccine […]

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Opinion: A young Coloradan is stronger, wiser after state ethics complaint

Last week, the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission dismissed as frivolous a case filed against Allie Killey. Never heard of her? That’s probably because she’s not a politician, candidate or high-profile public official. In fact, you probably weren’t meant to remember her; she was only useful to the Democrats last summer as collateral damage in their […]

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How the Cardboard Cory protest in Colorado helped Democrats defeat Gardner in the U.S. Senate race

Days before the election, even as the outcome of the U.S. Senate race in Colorado looked all-but-certain, Katie Farnan refused to believe it. The mother-turned-activist from Boulder worked for the better part of four years for this moment, all in the hopes of defeating Republican incumbent Cory Gardner. She carried a cutout known as Cardboard […]