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Colorado Democratic Party

Colorado Democratic Party

How the Cardboard Cory protest in Colorado helped Democrats defeat Gardner in the U.S. Senate race

A group of activists and ProgressNow Colorado shaped the political conversation and created one of the most iconic advocacy campaigns in recent memory

How high will the blue wave crest in Colorado? Democrats are predicting big wins once again.

The 3rd Congressional District and a handful of state legislative races will offer clues about the state’s partisan direction after the 2020 election

Iman Jodeh, a community activist and educator, is poised to become Colorado’s first Muslim lawmaker

The Colorado native and daughter of Palestinian immigrants could make history in an Aurora-area district that heavily favors Democrats in the 2020 election

Donald Trump told supporters to watch the polls. First, you need to know the rules in Colorado.

Colorado election officials welcome poll watchers to add transparency and trust, but suggest claims of voter fraud are misinformed

Colorado’s Polly Baca reflects on her 15th Democratic convention and the national party’s future

Baca’s seen plenty of Democratic politics. She participated in the March on Washington in 1963, worked on Kennedy brothers’ campaigns, turned out the vote with activist Cesar Chavez and became the first Latina to serve as co-chair of the Democratic National Convention.

Colorado’s Democratic race for U.S. Senate is essentially set. It’s Romanoff vs. Hickenlooper.

Andrew Romanoff easily won the top ballot line at the Colorado Democratic Party assembly, where no other candidates qualified for the June primary

Trish Zornio, a U.S. Senate candidate in Colorado who warned about pandemic threats, exits race

The 34-year-old researcher who studied undiagnosed diseases suspended her campaign before the Democratic state assembly Saturday

How the coronavirus snuffed the primary for U.S. Senate and cemented Hickenlooper as the front-runner

The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, who is front-and-center in the COVID-19 response

What the Colorado campaign trail looks like in the age of coronavirus, and what it means for the election

Even as the global pandemic puts politics on the sideburner, it is generating questions about how to run a campaign respectfully amid a disaster and generate enthusiasm with voters more concerned with their livelihood and health

Colorado election officials take aggressive new approach to policing campaign violations

For the first time, a legal team in Secretary of State’s Office is filing complaints, which is generating questions from critics

The clock is ticking for citizen ballot measures, but the campaigns are paused due to the coronavirus

The advocates behind more than a dozen of ballot measures are wondering whether Gov. Jared Polis will grant a reprieve from the rules

Romanoff wins decisive victory in Democratic U.S. Senate caucuses marred by reporting irregularities

The progressive champion defeated John Hickenlooper, the favorite of national Democrats, in an early test ahead of the June primary

Colorado’s Democratic caucuses reveal party split between Romanoff’s values, Hickenlooper’s electability

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff appeared to split the vote taken at thousands of neighborhood caucuses

What you need to know about Saturday’s Colorado caucuses, where Hickenlooper faces test in U.S. Senate race

The caucuses are how Colorado candidates can qualify for the ballot, and offer an indication of party enthusiasm ahead of November

Colorado’s presidential primary spiked turnout 15-fold, but didn’t meet the full promise of Prop. 107

The supporters of the 2016 ballot measure to create a primary and allow unaffiliated voters see progress, but not fulfillment of their goals

Colorado Democratic primary delegate count: A look at who won the state’s 67 delegates

A Colorado Sun analysis of preliminary vote totals shows candidate totals at the statewide level and by congressional district

How Colorado will award Democratic delegates from the Super Tuesday primary, explained

The Democratic presidential race narrows ahead of Super Tuesday and may lead to a closer contest in Colorado

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg in a photo collage.

Why we won’t know which Democratic presidential candidate won Colorado on Super Tuesday

The state Democratic Party will determine how many delegates candidates win, and like Iowa, the process may take days to finalize

Out of 100 Colorado lawmakers, only 7 are Republican women. The state GOP wants to reverse the trend.

The Colorado GOP is launching an effort called Women in Action to court voters ahead of the 2020 election

Lorena Garcia casts herself as the true progressive in U.S. Senate race. But first she needs to make the ballot.

The underdog candidate considers Andrew Romanoff and John Hickenlooper the status quo as she seeks to upset the Democratic primary

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