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coal energy

coal energy
coal energy

Opinion: A solar-energy trade dispute erupts at exactly the wrong time

A complaint by a California company is tanking production just when we need it most — and could delay Xcel’s exit from coal

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Budgets fat with fossil fuel revenue at odds with climate-change goals in states like Colorado

Will Toor, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, said the state's not targeting fossil fuel production — only the industry's emissions.

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Colorado to strengthen plan to protect views at Rocky Mountain National Park, sidestepping Sierra Club lawsuit

Required update to cutting air pollution at national parks is late, but environmental groups say they have won some victories in the revisions.


Xcel Energy agrees to close Pueblo’s Comanche 3 coal plant by 2031

The closure of the Comanche 3 plant — Colorado’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions — would be the end of coal-fired electricity in the state


After long battle, 3 Colorado electric co-ops may renegotiate with Tri-State instead of leaving outright

Partial contracts keep the co-ops in the association while enabling them to purchase cheaper power and build local, renewable energy projects


United Power should be able to leave Tri-State for less than a tenth of a proposed $1.6B exit fee, federal report says

An energy economist for Tri-State's federal regulator called the energy association's exit-fee calculations flawed and unreasonable.


Xcel Energy to raise residential electric bills by 6.4% in April, two more rate increases loom

Add a request to recoup costs from a weather-related price spike in 2021 and an increase tied to rising costs of gas and the total is $16.50 more a month.


Colorado rejects Xcel Energy’s attempt to extend the life of Pueblo’s coal plant by 12 more years

Comanche 3, which has been shut down by equipment failures since Jan. 28, is schedule to permanently close in 2034 


Craig, one of Colorado’s last coal towns, grapples with its future as its power plant and mine shut down


United Power makes good on threat to break its contract with Tri-State Generation

With 103,000 customers, United Power accounts for 20% of Tri-State’s business and pays almost double the open-market price for electricity.


Some worried western Montrose County would fade after the coal plant closed. It hasn’t.

As Colorado's coal industry takes its last gasp, the West End of Montrose County offers a glimpse of a difficult — but possible — future for mining communities


Xcel promises to speed closure of coal-fired Comanche 3 electric plant. Environmental groups are unsatisfied.

Comanche 3 is by far the biggest polluter in the state, but the agreement with regulators allows Xcel leeway to add natural gas powered generation -- which also has climate costs


Closing a coal-fired power plant in Pueblo to meet Colorado climate goals is easier said than done

The fate of Xcel Energy’s Comanche 3 plant is tangled at the crossroads of emissions and economics


Xcel Energy may fill the hole left by closing its Hayden coal-fired power plant with salt. And fish.

The utility’s plan to generate electricity using molten salt could serve as a template for other towns facing the end of the age of coal.


Coal is fading in northwest Colorado. The region is betting its economic future on another natural resource.

As coal mining fades, a diverse coalition of Moffat County residents and leaders is planning for the next chapter with a focus on protecting resources while managing recreation and tourism.


Interior Department launches review of climate damage from coal mining on public lands

The review also will consider if companies are paying fair value for coal extracted from public reserves in Colorado and other Western states


Rural electric co-ops get shocking estimates of the cost to break up with Tri-State Generation

Nine members of Tri-State asked what they’d have to pay to leave the association. Now they want to know the formula used to calculate the bills.


A rare new coal mine in southern Colorado adds to Trinidad’s economic revival

The new operator of the New Elk Coal Mine outside Trinidad sparks a dormant economic engine while grappling with Colorado’s trademark issues of housing and positive drug tests.


Tri-State must tell members seeking cleaner, cheaper energy how much it would cost to break up, regulators say

Nine members of the association, including United Power, asked more than a year ago how much it would cost to break contracts running to 2050. Federal regulators gave Tri-State 30 days to clear the air.


Opinion: Clean energy is the road forward to Colorado jobs and economic recovery, not just clean air

Looking at the cost of closing Colorado’s coal-fired power plants is a bit like considering the replacement of an old car.

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