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Chris Holbert

Chris Holbert
Chris Holbert

Colorado lawmakers want to put clear guardrails around how dark money can be spent on ballot measures

Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold opposes the bipartisan bill, but won’t say why

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Colorado Republicans’ hopes of winning in 2022 clash this week with 2020 election deniers

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and attorney John Eastman, both of whom have cast baseless doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election, are in the spotlight ahead of the GOP state assembly on Saturday

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Colorado employers would no longer be able to fire their workers for using cannabis if a new bill passes

House Bill 1152 would also require employers to let their employees consume medical marijuana while at work, though there are exceptions for people whose jobs are in dangerous fields


“A fighting tone”: Colorado Republicans are heading into the 2022 legislative session on the offensive

Over the past three years the GOP’s main strategy at the Capitol has been to try to slow down the Democratic machine through delay tactics like long speeches in protest of legislation

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Proposition 119, which would have raised Colorado marijuana taxes to pay for out-of-school learning, fails

Backers of the ballot measure, which split high-profile Democrats, admitted defeat Tuesday night

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Colorado Senate passes bill making it easier for children to receive cannabis-based medication at school

Under current law, school districts must allow parents and caregivers to possess and administer cannabis-based medicine on school grounds


Colorado lawmakers, governor unveil $700M state economic stimulus plan. Here’s where the money will go.

The money lawmakers are using to pay for the state stimulus plan comes from unexpected tax revenue.

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As Colorado legislature reconvenes, leaders pledge funds for K-12, higher education

Lawmakers plan to triage pandemic problems and hope to get back on track after a tumultuous 2020. For education, that means replacing money cut to balance the budget last year.


Big idea: Republicans think Colorado should rethink how much emergency power a governor should have

Republicans have been pushing a number of measures to give the legislature more power to operate as a check on the governor’s emergency powers

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U.S. Census delays are threatening to upend Colorado’s new redistricting process

Legislative and congressional districts in the state are supposed to be redrawn this year by new, independent commissions approved by voters in 2018. But Census Bureau problems mean the panels are unlikely to meet their constitutionally mandated deadlines.

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Nicolais: Principle and compromise – the time has come for Colorado Republicans

Colorado Republicans in the minority at the legislature could be more than just an opposition. They can chart a path forward.

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How Democratic control in Washington will influence Democratic control in Colorado — and vice versa

Democrats in the Colorado legislature have spent the past two years responding to President Donald Trump and congressional inaction. With their party in charge of Congress and the White House, it changes their priorities on the state level.

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Colorado lawmakers’ coronavirus aid plans include distributing $22.5 million in taxpayer money through nonprofits

Democrats claim that sending the money through non-governmental organizations will ensure it is distributed quickly. Republicans worry about plans to send aid to people living in the U.S. illegally.

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Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

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Democrats hold their majorities at Colorado Capitol but GOP blunts a second blue wave

The next legislative session will look different, and the conversation is sure to focus on addressing the economic fallout from coronavirus

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Chaos and compromise: Colorado’s coronavirus legislative session ends with a flurry of big bills

Democrats compromised with business groups, the governor and Republicans to push policies forward and tackle an unprecedented three-week lawmaking term

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Democrats in the Colorado legislature jostle over whether they must return to the Capitol to continue their coronavirus pause

Senate Democrats hoped to avoid returning to the General Assembly because of the public safety threat. House Democrats felt they needed to be at the Capitol in person to avoid legal troubles.

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Colorado’s legislature won’t resume Monday as planned. It’s an open question when they will return.

Top lawmakers at the Capitol are awaiting a Colorado Supreme Court ruling on how to proceed, but they’re also beginning to eye a special legislative session as a remedy to the coronavirus pause.

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The Capitol is shutdown, but Colorado lawmakers are crafting legislation to address coronavirus

State lawmakers want to accelerate a pay hike for Colorado National Guard members called to duty to address COVID-19

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Colorado lawmakers upend the legislative session with decision to adjourn. Here’s what comes next.

Questions persist on whether the legislative session will resume, and how much lawmaking will take place in private in the interim

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