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Western U.S. faces reckoning over water, but avoids cuts for now

By Sam Metz, The Associated Press/Report for America CARSON CITY, Nev. — The white rings that wrap around two massive lakes in the U.S. West are a stark reminder of how water levels are dropping and a warning that the 40 million people who rely on the Colorado River face a much drier future. Amid […]

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Conservative group backing Colorado’s national popular vote measure fueled by out-of-state money, tied to Democrats

An issue committee called Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote is running ads in Colorado to persuade Republicans to support their effort to change the way the U.S. elects presidents.  “We are a group of conservatives … from both Colorado and from across the country who believe that the candidate who gets the most […]

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To understand the future of the Colorado River, look to a frowny, eel-faced fish: the humpback chub

By Judy Fahys, InsideClimate News Charismatic is hardly the best word to describe the humpback chub, a fish with a frowny eel face jammed onto a sportfish body in a way that suggests evolution has a sense of humor. Nor did tastiness build a fan base for this “trash fish” across its natural habitat throughout […]

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A view from a California hospital on the front lines of the coronavirus battle

By Anna Maria Barry-Lester, Kaiser Health News On Tuesday, Dr. Jeanne Noble devoted time between patient visits to hanging clear 2-gallon plastic bags at each of her colleagues’ workstations. Noble is a professor of emergency medicine and director of the UC-San Francisco medical center response to the novel coronavirus that has permeated California and reached […]

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Colorado sues Trump administration over mandate that insurance companies send separate bill for abortion coverage

Colorado has joined six other states and the District of Columbia in suing the Trump administration over a rule requiring insurance companies to send a second, separate bill for abortion and other reproductive health coverage.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services policy, which went into effect Tuesday, applies to states that allow insurance […]

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Trump to use “big voice” to boost GOP on 4-day Western trip that includes Colorado rally with Cory Gardner

By Zeke Miller, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he’s ready to use his “big voice” to bolster Republicans’ 2020 campaign hopes as he heads west for a four-day visit mixing policy and politics. Trump’s trip will be packed with big-dollar fundraisers, a trio of campaign rallies meant to energize […]

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“Jason’s chillin’ playlist,” little sleep and Dumbledore: How Colorado’s congressman handled being an impeachment manager

Adam Schiff didn’t see any unsteadiness in U.S. Rep. Jason Crow as he watched the Aurora Democrat and Army combat veteran maneuver through the most high-profile period of his political life. To Schiff, Crow appeared almost comfortable in his role as an impeachment manager in the Senate trial of President Donald Trump, trying to make […]

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Illegal pot farms on public land in California and Colorado create environmental hazard

By Christopher Weber, The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — A month after two men were arrested at an illicit marijuana farm on public land deep in the Northern California wilderness, authorities are assessing the environmental impact and cleanup costs at the site where trees were clear-cut, waterways were diverted, and the ground was littered with […]

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How California’s data privacy law will change your online experience — no matter where you live

Whether it’s a Social Security number or your mother’s maiden name, it could be easier to find out the personal data companies have about you — and ask them to delete it — starting Jan. 1. That’s when a strict California law goes into effect requiring businesses, including many in Colorado, to make changes like […]