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In “The Body in Griffith Park,” a period-piece mystery combines interrogation with romance

While the authorities seek to unmask a killer in early 20th-century California, two of the questioners mix police work with flirtation

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Opinion: A road trip through waves of grain, COVID and political storms

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Colorado draws 2,000-foot statewide oil and gas drilling setback. But it comes with a big “however.”

Regulators on Thursday set the new setback rule with “offramps” oil and gas companies can use to get as close as 500 feet to houses. A formal vote will come Nov. 6.


Water shortages in Lake Powell, Lake Mead likelier than previously thought

Compared with an average year, only 55% of Colorado River water is flowing from the Rocky Mountains down to Lake Powell on the Utah-Arizona line


Colorado, five other states promise lawsuits if feds fast-track approval of Utah’s Lake Powell Pipeline project

Decades of collaborative agreements between the states that rely on the Colorado River could be threatened by the Trump Administration plan to expedite review of Utah’s diversion project


Eight states have programs that give workers paid time off. Does that help or hurt Colorado’s chances?

Critics of the ballot measure point to huge government bureaucracies and mandated “taxes” in other states, but supporters say every program is solvent, successful.

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Is your throat scratchy from Colorado’s wildfire smoke or coronavirus? Here’s how to tell.

The air quality in Denver was worse than in Beijing and Kolkata the past few days. Here is what health experts are saying about going outside.


Western U.S. faces reckoning over water, but avoids cuts for now

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is expected to release projections Friday that suggest Lake Powell and Lake Mead will dip slightly in 2021


Conservative group backing Colorado’s national popular vote measure fueled by out-of-state money, tied to Democrats

The campaign manager for Conservatives for Yes on National Popular, which is running ads in Colorado in support of the controversial law, declined to name a Republican in the state who has endorsed the measure

Politics and Government

To understand the future of the Colorado River, look to a frowny, eel-faced fish: the humpback chub

Talks to revise water-use agreements are set to begin later this year as Colorado River flows shrink. The fate of the humpback chub helps explain the challenge.


Announcement of Forrest Fenn’s found treasure doesn’t stop speculation

Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure may have been discovered in early June, but that hasn’t stopped fortune hunters from speculating about where it was hidden


A view from a California hospital on the front lines of the coronavirus battle

The account could provide a look at what's to come for Colorado hospitals as they gear up for a surge of patients with the virus


Colorado sues Trump administration over mandate that insurance companies send separate bill for abortion coverage

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says the policy is an administrative nightmare that intentionally confuses people

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Trump to use “big voice” to boost GOP on 4-day Western trip that includes Colorado rally with Cory Gardner

Trump's trip will be packed with big-dollar fundraisers, a trio of campaign rallies meant to energize his base and a sprinkle of official presidential events where he can showcase administration actions

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“Jason’s chillin’ playlist,” little sleep and Dumbledore: How Colorado’s congressman handled being an impeachment manager

Jason Crow, a first-term Aurora Democrat, says he seriously considered turning down the job of being one of seven impeachment managers because of the pressure it would put on his family

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Illegal pot farms on public land in California and Colorado create environmental hazard

Colorado has had its share of large outdoor marijuana grows discovered on public lands

Crime and Courts

How California’s data privacy law will change your online experience — no matter where you live

California's beefed-up new data-privacy law means Colorado firms are on the hook starting Jan. 1, while Colorado's own regulations could soon allow residents to tell companies “Don't sell my data”


Opinion: Why the zero emission vehicle standard matters — and what it means for Colorado

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Colorado voters will be able to cast their presidential primary ballots on the same day as New Hampshire’s

The Iowa caucuses will still kick off the presidential primary election season, but Colorado -- because of mail-in ballots -- will share the status as one of the earliest battlegrounds for candidates

Politics and Government

10-year-old Glenwood Springs girl “overwhelmed” after climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan

Selah Schneiter of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, completed the 3,000-foot climb of the vertical rock formation with the help of her father

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