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In “The Body in Griffith Park,” a period-piece mystery combines interrogation with romance

Jennifer is a research scientist and writer of historical mysteries. Her novels take place in 1900s Los Angeles among the police matrons of the LAPD and combine mystery, history, humor, and romance. In addition to two Colorado Author’s League Writing Award nominations, her novels have been nominated for three prestigious Lefty Awards, the Macavity Award, […]

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Opinion: A road trip through waves of grain, COVID and political storms

Like the nation, I’ve rolled up some serious, politically charged pandemic miles in recent months, days, minutes….  So let’s talk road trips, truly a great American pastime. I put 14,000 miles total on four different vehicles in the middle of a surging COVID-19 crisis and weird demonstrations of calamitous climate change. Oh yeah, the seemingly […]

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Colorado draws 2,000-foot statewide oil and gas drilling setback. But it comes with a big “however.”

Colorado is poised to impose the biggest statewide oil and gas drilling setback in the nation – 2,000 feet from homes and schools – after state regulators unanimously backed the measure in an informal vote Thursday. A final, formal vote will be held Nov. 6. But while setting the buffer for even a single home, […]

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Water shortages in Lake Powell, Lake Mead likelier than previously thought

By Sam Metz, The Associated Press/Report for America CARSON CITY, Nev. — There’s a chance water levels in the two largest man-made reservoirs in the United States could dip to critically low levels by 2025, jeopardizing the steady flow of Colorado River water that more than 40 million people rely on in the American West. […]

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Colorado, five other states promise lawsuits if feds fast-track approval of Utah’s Lake Powell Pipeline project

For more than 20 years, negotiations among the seven states that rely on the Colorado River have avoided lawsuits, even as drought and population growth threaten the river’s flows. That may change as a promise to rush the environmental review of a diversion project between the Colorado River’s upper and lower basins has six states […]

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Is your throat scratchy from Colorado’s wildfire smoke or coronavirus? Here’s how to tell.

The haze that’s blocking out the mountains, blue sky and even the sun across much of Colorado is full of tiny particles that are about 1/30th the width of a human hair. They’re coming from the “biomass combustion” of wildfires in Colorado and California, and they’re so small that a mask will not stop them […]