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Colorado violates EPA ozone standards again as business groups cheer gutting of draft commuting limits

On the same day environmental groups called out Colorado officials for missing a key EPA deadline to clean up ozone pollution violations widely attributed to driving, business groups declared victory in weakening the state’s new set of rules to reduce air pollution caused by employee car commutes. The double whammy was not lost on conservationists, […]

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The road to greenhouse gas cuts: Are Colorado drivers ready?

When Colorado’s greenhouse gas battle comes to her Wheat Ridge driveway, Jan Rose will be ready. Rose believes heart and soul that if the state wants to hit benchmarks of 90% cuts to polluting emissions by 2050, Coloradans will have to drive less, and if they do drive, use a clean electric car. Recent successful […]

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“It’s like Lady Gaga tickets”: Colorado health officials need help managing vaccine demand

At Lyon’s Corner Drug, a historic pharmacy and old-fashioned soda fountain on the main strip in Steamboat Springs, more than 100 older residents lined up on a bitter cold morning when the temperature dipped to single digits.  The pharmacists’ children, two of them dressed as Disney princesses, delivered ice cream and caramels to the folks […]

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Colorado colleges want to offer more in-person classes this spring. Here’s what they learned from a tough fall.

Megan Walton would be the first to admit this semester has been hard. Maybe things are difficult because it’s her junior year — notoriously the most difficult one — or because she’s busy as a student athlete in addition to her job as a vice president for the Student Government Association. Maybe it’s because it’s […]

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CU Boulder to resume in-person classes next week as coronavirus outbreak slows

The University of Colorado Boulder will bring thousands of students back to its campus for in-person learning on Oct. 14 after rising coronavirus case numbers last month pushed the school to move entirely online for more than two weeks. Chancellor Philip DiStefano said the plan to return to in-person classes was made possible by decreasing […]

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Boulder County health officials warn that unchecked coronavirus rates could lead to stay-at-home return

Despite efforts from the University of Colorado Boulder and Boulder County to limit young adults from gathering and interacting with others in the community, health officials warned Tuesday that if coronavirus rates don’t improve, the county could be forced to shut down in the way it did in March. A statewide public health order issued […]

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Are you wearing your mask? Because public health officials in Colorado are watching you to find out.

They really are watching you. From their cars and trucks, parked in the lots of King Soopers, Whole Foods and the corner store, they are staring out their vehicle windows as you shop. But these guys — volunteers from the public health department — are only interested in what’s on your face. Mask or no […]