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Colorado’s outdoor industry knows it could be much more inclusive. Here’s how it plans to get everyone outside.

Michael Mojica was up for anything, so when a neighbor asked if he wanted to climb a 14er, a surefire induction for any new Colorado resident, he agreed to it.  “Sure,” the transplanted Texan replied. “What’s a 14er?” A few days later, Mojica topped out on the summit of Mount Yale. His eyes blurred with […]

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Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Since 1990, the United States has become more racially diverse—yet during that same period, racial residential segregation has climbed, according to a yearslong analysis by researchers at the University of California’s Othering & Belonging Institute in Berkeley. In Colorado, two cities fall on opposite ends of the spectrum: Denver is “highly segregated” while Colorado Springs […]

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The Brown Bombers, a little-known Black baseball team, shook Colorado’s segregated sports world

In 1949, the Brooklyn Dodgers had Jackie Robinson. Colorado Springs had the Brown Bombers. Just two years after the Dodgers’ star broke Major League baseball’s color barrier, the Bombers achieved their own historic diamond breakthrough — one equally fraught with racism, but also marked by achievement and celebration.  Seventy-two years ago, no one outside of […]

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Here’s how Colorado health officials aim to close the racial and socioeconomic coronavirus vaccine gap

Barbara Allen wanted a coronavirus vaccine. She just couldn’t find a place to get one.  The 74-year-old Aurora woman, who spent 42 years as a Denver Public Schools teacher, reached out to Kaiser Permanente and was also seeking information from King Soopers about where to get inoculated. She never quite got an answer.  Then, on […]

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Denver survey shows Black and Hispanic families more likely to prefer virtual learning

In late June and early July, the Denver school district asked families to make a choice: Would they want their children to stay home this fall and learn online, or would they want to send their children in person to school buildings, with safety protocols to protect against the coronavirus? The district got answers for […]