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A 120-year-old water tunnel beneath the mountains is the Uncompahgre Valley’s lifeline. We went inside.

MONTROSE — After more than a half-hour splashing through the dank dark of one of the world’s longest irrigation tunnels, Dennis Veo grins in the sunshine showering the cliffs of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River.  “The guys who did this were dang sharp,” says Veo, the operations manager of the Uncompahgre Valley Water […]

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Changing the way people access the burliest waters in the country: Mancos’ Alpacka Raft crafts “a new way to see the world”

GAMECHANGERS, a Colorado Sun series on innovators who are changing the way we play outdoors. GUNNISON RIVER — Thor Tingey calls it “a personal first descent.” “We really like showing people places where they can find their own adventure and exploration without necessarily traveling to the ends of the Earth,” says Tingey, who sparked his […]