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Wife of Colorado political strategist missing in Florida condo building collapse

The wife of a Democratic political strategist from Colorado is among those missing in the condo building that partially collapsed outside Miami. Michael Stratton told Denver’s KDVR-TV that he was talking on the phone with his wife Cassondra Stratton Thursday around 1:30 a.m. when the building collapsed. “She described that the building was shaking and then…the phone went dead,” […]

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Opinion: The Trump impeachment inquiry doesn’t begin to compare to the mayhem of the very first one

With impeachment a mainstay of current news cycles, much discussion has focused on both the Nixon and Clinton episodes.  The process and politics of Andrew Johnson’s impeachment, however, were far more interesting, especially against the backdrop of post-Civil War Reconstruction and the little-known twist at the end. Starting with the Gettysburg Address and until his […]

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Opinion: National Democrats have thrown a roadblock in the path of Colorado candidates

The Democratic presidential campaign has taken a sharp turn as more than half of the candidates find themselves excluded from the next debate on Sept. 12, including Colorado’s senior U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.  From Lincoln-Douglas to JFK-Nixon and beyond, presidential debates have been the oxygen that fuels primary and general election campaigns. With more than […]