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Colorado’s first-ever criminal charges following an avalanche could be slippery slope for backcountry travelers

The two snowboarders talk about snow conditions and route selection as they drop in, one at a time. Gusting wind is blowing snow across the ridge as they wind between reefy rocks. “Avalanche!” yells Tyler DeWitt as he cranks to a stop below his friend Evan Hannibal.  The two watch the slide — captured on […]

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Jake Burton Carpenter, a snowboarder first and foremost, leaves Colorado legacy of community and persistence

Lucy Garst remembers the grief she and her husband, Ike, got for welcoming Jake Burton Carpenter, Tom Sims and their side-slipping ilk to their Berthoud Pass ski area in 1978.  “Ike had a very soft spot in his heart for both Jake and Tom Sims,” Garst says. “Both were willing to work together with us, […]

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Colorado’s weekend snowstorm prompted avalanches in areas that hadn’t slid in decades. Here’s why.

Dramatic dashboard recordings over the weekend of avalanches along Interstate 70 between Frisco and Copper Mountain have stoked anxiety among Coloradans about the safety of the state’s high country roadways sitting beneath avalanche chutes. But experts say the slides are the result of historic conditions that have been lining up for the entire snow season, […]