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Emily Hargraves last year was certain she was going to close Backcountry Babes, her 22-year-old business. was suing her in federal court because she had secured a trademark for her company, which offers tours, clinics and avalanche training for women.  When news broke last November that the e-commerce giant had for several years been […]

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The 25 most read Colorado Sun stories of 2019

These are the 25 Colorado Sun stories that received the most readership in 2019.  They touch on a wide variety of issues and topic areas, from reporter Jason Blevins’ investigation into, to a look at production of Neil Young’s new album and persistent coverage of Colorado’s deadly 2018-19 avalanche season. sues anyone who […]

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Analysis: As discovered, outdoor-recreation fans are joining together

Editor’s note: Jason Blevins covers the outdoor industry for The Colorado Sun and broke the news about how was targeting outdoor-recreation small-business owners who registered the name “backcountry” for their products. The following analysis piece by Jason on how the reporting reflects on the broader outdoor industry ran in The Washington Post on Thursday. […]

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Stung by boycott movement, CEO forging deals with businesses targeted in trademark debacle

It’s been two weeks since CEO Jonathan Nielsen apologized for his company’s aggressive trademark actions and promised to make amends to the long list of business owners targeted by his now-fired trademark attorneys. And one by one, Nielsen is meeting with entrepreneurs and making things right, reaching deals that partner the e-tailing giant with […]

Posted inBusiness, News, Outdoors fires its attorneys, partners with company it targeted in trademark lawsuit as CEO vows to make amends is not just dropping the remaining lawsuit targeting small business owner David Ollila for using the word “backcountry” in his ski company’s name. The Utah e-tailing giant — under fire after a week of news outlining aggressive legal actions against dozens of business owners who trademarked the word “backcountry” in their name — is […]

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Opinion: is abusing its power and bullying smaller businesses. But this could make us stronger.

I’ve seen it a million times: Bad decisions come to life despite good intentions. It’s part of business, it’s part of life, and hopefully, part of growing.    As a fellow outdoor industry business owner, I was honestly and simply blown away as I read the news about the TSG/ suing spree. The outdoor industry community […]

Posted inBusiness, News, Outdoors breaks its silence amid trademark lawsuit controversy to apologize and say “we made a mistake” finally spoke on Wednesday, almost a week after a social media firestorm ignited by news the online retailer has been suing small business owners who used the word “backcountry” in their business names. “We have heard your feedback and concerns and understand we fumbled in how we pursued trademark claims recently,” CEO Jonathan […]

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Outdoor enthusiasts aren’t letting go of their backcountry without a fight. As news spreads about’s recent slew of legal actions against small business owners using the word “backcountry” in their names, so is public outrage. LATEST COVERAGE Nov. 6 — breaks its silence amid trademark lawsuit controversy to apologize and say “we made […]

Posted inBusiness, Crime and Courts, News, Outdoors, Technology sues anyone who uses its namesake. Is it bullying or just business? a year ago filed for trademarks protecting the word “backcountry” for all sorts of outdoor gear as the online retailer launched its first-ever branded jackets, skis and apparel. Now the e-commerce behemoth is suing small business owners who have trademarked the word “backcountry.”  “My feeling is that nobody should have the right to the […]