Colorado polls: How Donald Trump and Joe Biden are polling in the 2020 presidential election

John Frank, Eric Lubbers The Colorado Sun

UPDATED: 11/2/2020

The presidential contest in Colorado is a must-win for Democrat Joe Biden if he wants to take the White House, but President Donald Trump is making noise about playing the spoiler.

To get a sense of where the 2020 presidential election stands, The Colorado Sun is tracking the latest state-level polls showing the approval ratings for the Republican and Democratic candidates and the head-to-head contest.

Trump’s numbers in Colorado are not enviable, an analysis of polling data by The Sun shows. The last time a Republican presidential candidate won Colorado’s electoral votes came in 2004. Trump lost Colorado by 4.9 percentage points in 2016.

In polls conducted in October, Biden holds an average double-digit lead at 13 percentage points over Trump.

Biden’s approval rating averages 49% with 47% disapproval in 2020. This year alone, Trump’s average approval rating is 40% with 57% disapproval, the analysis shows.

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How to read the numbers: The polls featured are all publicly available figures obtained by The Sun or posted online. For the surveys, the pollsters use a variety of methodologies and different projections for voter turnout in November, making some more reliable than the others. The Sun does not weight polls based on their reliability but collectively the numbers provide an average. To learn more about the pollsters effectiveness, check the FiveThirtyEight ratings

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2020 presidential election: Donald Trump v. Joe Biden

A look at head-to-head polling in Colorado between the Republican president and Democratic challenger. 


President Donald Trump’s approval rating in Colorado

Since taking office in January 2017, Trump’s job approval rating in Colorado faltered as his disapproval rises. 

Democrat Joe Biden’s approval rating in Colorado

The polling in Colorado on Biden’s approval rating as a candidate is limited so far with two polls showing shifting fortunes in the Democrat’s favor.


Staff writers Lauren Irwin and Sandra Fish contributed to this report.