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Tamara Chuang

The Colorado Sun —

Downtown Denver’s hotel industry is struggling. Is it because people don’t want to be in the city center?

Even if a coronavirus vaccine comes, the hotel and convention industry can’t just hit the restart button. The uncertainty of recovery means events are getting canceled through mid-to-late 2021.


Here’s the latest look at which Colorado businesses received Paycheck Protection Program loans — and how much they got

Search the 109,170 small businesses that received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan in Colorado, though most business names were withheld.


What’s Working: The situation with PUA benefits. Plus, why action is needed to get extra payments.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of Colorado’s unemployment system takes us deeper into holds on PUA payouts, extended benefits and fraud.


Colorado pours $2M into internet access for families while partnering with providers like T-Mobile to expand broadband

Broadband access is “a non-negotiable” for students and families, particularly with many learning from home, Education Commissioner Katy Anthes says.


Downtown Denver is starving for people. When will they come back?

After the shutdown, few companies have fully returned to their offices, while homelessness and protests conjure a new vibe.


What’s Working: Spanish-speaking virtual agents, extra $300 weeks approved and a new small business fund

PUA claims are up because of ... fraud? Plus, the wait to get a call back from the unemployment office is now “four to eight weeks."


Why Colorado’s housing market looks so hot even though coronavirus is ravaging the economy

Home prices are up, the mortgage industry is thriving and 93.9% of renters paid July rent. But sudden unemployment caused a widening of cracks that have been there all along.


What’s Working: Why it takes two months to get a callback on unemployment: 25% of scheduled calls are “no shows”

Plus: New $300 federal bonus is coming soon, with limits; Monarch Casino has 200 jobs; new grants for small businesses.


Colorado’s unemployment rate improves to 7.4% as more people return to work after coronavirus cuts

About 97,500 Coloradans stopped looking for work during July. There are still 300,000 on unemployment.


Some unemployed Coloradans will see Trump’s extra $300 a week benefit starting in mid September. But it won’t last.

The president’s Lost Wages Assistance will only help people who have already filed for unemployment. And the Trump administration only provided Colorado enough money to last three weeks.


What’s Working: Unemployment benefits for a year, $300 is the new $600 and how to get that call back

A weekly update on losing a job, finding a new one or hiring extra help.


Colorado to extend state benefits to the unemployed for 13 more weeks

Gov. Jared Polis planning to apply to FEMA for $300 bonus weekly unemployment pay through President Donald Trump's executive order


Colorado’s final count: 109,170 businesses approved for $10.4 billion in federal coronavirus loans

As Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness gets started, changes that made loans more palatable to business owners meant less focus on workers


Trump’s order to extend unemployment benefits could cost Colorado $31.1 million a week — money it doesn’t have

Meanwhile, the state’s unemployment trust fund will run out of money this month while there are still nearly 311,000 workers receiving jobless benefits

After a small Colorado city paid cyber attackers a ransom, there’s concern about the rest of the state

Most small towns don’t have the resources to hire cybersecurity professionals. An effort to help cities like Lafayette, which just paid a ransom, are underway


Introducing The Colorado Sun’s column on jobs, unemployment and hiring: What’s Working?

A new weekly and temporary guide from The Colorado Sun to get those who have a job and those who need one through the pandemic


Fraudulent unemployment claims continue in Colorado, but 30-50% were stopped “at the front door”

New unemployment claims for the first time last week dropped below the highest point of the Great Recession.


Many Colorado restaurants have closed. The ones still open aren’t sure how long they can weather coronavirus.

State data shows that even though restaurants have recovered some since April, the industry is still down thousands of jobs. More than 2,500 establishments have shut down since March.


Fraud, ID theft in Colorado have shifted during coronavirus. Now is the time to double down on protection.

A flood of federal relief overwhelmed outdated government systems as fraudsters exploited cracks with data likely stolen long ago. But don’t give up on protecting personal data, say security pros.


The $600 federal unemployment benefit is ending. Here’s what that means for out-of-work Coloradans.

The state added 100,000 workers to the labor force in June, a recovery of about 37% of jobs lost between February and April. But coronavirus infections are on the rise, and new safety restrictions are being enacted.

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