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Huge western fires in 1910 changed U.S. wildfire policy. Will today’s conflagrations do the same?

As vast and fast wildfires continue to spread almost unprecedented destruction across America’s three Pacific states, fire scientists, meteorologists and journalists have begun comparing the conflagrations to one firestorm 110 years ago. “Nationally, this is probably the biggest wildfire event since the Big Blowup of 1910,” Nick Nauslar, a meteorologist with the National Interagency Fire Center, […]

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Blazes in Colorado, California may be part of a climate-driven transformation of wildfires around the globe

The wildfires that exploded over the past few days in California and Colorado show clear influences of global warming, climate scientists say, and evidence of how a warming and drying climate is increasing the size and severity of fires from the California coast to the high Rocky Mountains.  They may also be the latest examples […]

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The largest Arctic science expedition in history finds itself on increasingly thin ice because of coronavirus

In March 2019, at a crowded happy hour in Boulder, I sat listening to Matt Shupe, an atmospheric scientist, describing his decades-long dream that was about to come true.  He was sprinting to finish the years of planning and preparations required to freeze an icebreaker into the Arctic Ocean ice as close to the North […]