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Colorado treats marijuana taxes like “a piggy bank.” But now top lawmakers want to limit spending to two areas.

Colorado lawmakers “hear it all the time,” says Sen. Rachel Zenzinger. “There’s so much suspicion around what we’re doing with marijuana money,” the Arvada Democrat told The Colorado Sun. “There is this perception that there’s a lot of money and we’re just not spending it on education like we should.” The complaints from constituents and […]

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Colorado voters may face ballot question to repeal TABOR after court ruling with “broad implications”

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a measure seeking to repeal the state’s one-of-a-kind Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights can qualify for the 2020 ballot, overruling a state board that determined the attempt was unconstitutional. The decision represented a key legal victory for critics of TABOR, the constitutional amendment that sets limits on state […]

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To pay for housing and roads, Colorado lawmakers turned to an unusual source: the public’s “lost and found”

Affordable housing advocates had a problem entering the 2019 session: No matter how large Colorado’s state budget became, they just couldn’t compete for dollars with the seemingly insatiable demands of schools, roads and health care. So Claire Levy, a former state budget writer turned policy advocate, sought out money in a place few others bothered […]

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The TABOR battle is reaching new levels. Critics are testing 18 ways to rewrite Colorado tax policy.

Behind the scenes, the political left in Colorado is gearing up for a fight to overhaul the state’s tax system, a tangled mess of constitutional amendments that they believe holds the key to better-funded schools, less congested roads and more affordable college. Step one to unravel the knot? Figure out what threads they’re even allowed […]

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$120 million in requests and $40 million in the bank. How an obscure theory helped prioritize the Colorado budget.

Midway through the Colorado legislature’s 2019 session, the appropriations committees in each chamber became the legislative version of purgatory. Dozens of bills went in. Few came out. By the start of April, the backlog totaled more than 100 bills carrying a cumulative price tag of more than $120 million. And the supporters for each bill […]

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How an obscure tax case became a $250 million political fight at the end of the legislative session

With only days left in the 2019 legislative session, Colorado lawmakers were presented with an extraordinary plea from the Polis administration: Pass a law to help the state’s Department of Revenue win an obscure corporate income tax lawsuit, or risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars to what it viewed as a tax loophole for […]

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Colorado is set to invest more in affordable housing than ever before. And it nearly spent even more.

Colorado’s set to make what could be the largest ongoing investments in affordable housing in the state’s history. And yet, some housing advocates will walk away a little disappointed about what might have been. Just days ago, a package of bills moving through the state legislature would have invested more than $600 million in affordable […]

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Colorado schools will get more money thanks to new estimates. And homeowners can expect to pay more.

Colorado homeowners can expect a double whammy on their next property tax bill: higher taxes driven by rising home values, and little relief from a constitutional provision designed to help. On the other hand, booming home and industrial property values will mean more money for school districts, local governments and special districts that rely on […]

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Jared Polis made a lot of promises in bid for governor. Here’s his progress on the 10 biggest.

When he kicked off his gubernatorial campaign in July 2017, Jared Polis promised to campaign on “big, bold ideas.” That’s one promise he would keep In the following 16 months, Polis pitched voters on more than 100 policy ideas big and small, promising to remake health care in the state, usher in historic expansions of […]