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In Colorado’s current real estate market, is it better to be a renter right now?

What’s Working: This is a segment of our weekly What’s Working column. Read the full column. >> Sign up for the newsletter Feel like there’s no chance you can buy a house? You may be better off renting anyway. With national average mortgage payments of $2,576.39, that’s above average rent of $1,589 in Colorado, according […]

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What’s Working: Same Denver house, same price, but $190 more per month

The biggest inflation news this week erupted Wednesday as the Federal Reserve announced the largest interest rate increase since 1994. While expected, that doesn’t make it any easier for those hunting for a new house, especially in Colorado, and realizing the monthly cost may have gone up hundreds of dollars in one week. But don’t […]

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Japan is already one of Colorado’s top international beef buyers. A trade deal will likely strengthen the connection.

A new trade deal will make it easier for Colorado ranchers to develop new markets in Japan without risking increased tariffs on beef. Japan is Colorado’s fourth largest trading partner for beef and the deal signed earlier this month by U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai raises the threshold in sales that triggers an increase in […]

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As maternal mortality rate rises, Colorado health organizations tackle mental health and drug abuse

Birth looked different during COVID-19, said Jessica Anderson, a member of the Colorado Maternal Mortality Committee. What’s supposed to be one of the most magical — and gut-wrenching — moments of a parent’s life became isolating.  “By wearing masks, there’s so much connection that, you know, comes with facial expressions,” Anderson said. “It looks different, […]