A look at the design on the front of Colorado's new driver's licenses.

Colorado driver’s licenses are getting a new look. 

The state Monday unveiled a new design for its licenses, featuring Mt. Sneffels, which is near Ouray in the San Juan Mountains, on the front. The back of the card features Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Small images of a Pueblo chili pepper and an elk are also featured on the new license design. Meanwhile, the names of the state’s 64 counties are written on the back of the card in microtext.

A look at the design on the front of Colorado’s new driver’s licenses.
A look at the design on the back of Colorado’s new driver’s licenses.

In addition to the new design elements, the state says the new driver’s licenses, which will be immediately available, have additional security features.

“This card was made by Coloradans for Coloradans,” Gov. Jared Polis said Monday at a news conference where the design was unveiled.

The new driver’s license look comes after Colorado asked its citizens to offer design proposals. There were 407 submissions and on March 1, 2021, the state picked designs offered by photographers Matt Nuñez and Gabriel Dupon.

Nuñez took the photo of Mt. Sneffels used in the new design while Dupron took the photo of Sprague Lake.

The new design was originally set to debut in the fall, but officials say they pushed back the rollout “to allow further refinement.”

The design of Colorado’s driver’s licenses was last changed in 2015. 

“Our state ID or driver’s license is really a piece of Colorado that we take with us wherever we go,” Polis said. “It’s really a key part of our brand and our identity as a state.” 

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