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Colorado’s legislative efforts are not enough to solve its Front Range ozone problem

By Jim Robbins, KHN A year after health officials issued a record number of alerts for high ozone levels on Colorado’s Front Range, federal and state officials are trying to rein in the gas that can make outdoor activities a health risk. But new Colorado laws aimed at improving air quality along that urban corridor east […]

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Colorado wants to start ticketing the tens of thousands of drivers who illegally use the I-70 mountain express lane

Nearly 50,000 motorists broke the law in 2020 when they drove in the eastbound Interstate 70 express toll lane through Clear Creek County while it was closed and supposed to be serving as the emergency shoulder. Colorado let those I-70 scofflaws off the hook and it has likely been giving thousands more drivers a similar […]

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Colorado’s old license-plate style — remember the green mountains? — may actually make a comeback in 2022

The green mountains are (really) poised for a comeback next year.  Colorado lawmakers are quickly advancing legislation that would make the state’s retro license plates — green mountains instead of white ones — available for an upcharge as soon as 2022. That’s thanks to Senate Bill 69, which also would require Coloradans to get new […]