Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense podcast is worth its free subscription, especially if you appreciate incriminating statements. The attorney host rails about Fourth Amendment violations, while abandoning his own Fifth Amendment right to silence. 

Wild claims proliferate. As Giuliani said Friday, his podcast can’t be canceled because he owns it. Might America’s mayor be arrested while broadcasting? Every Giuliani podcast is a treasure trove for prosecutors, civil attorneys and comedians. 

Down at Mar-a-Lago, podcasts simplify surveillance on former lawyers. Michael Cohen informs his Mea Culpa podcast audience that Rudy will flip. Hmmm.

Craig Silverman

Giuliani publicly ruminates about imprisonment. Through son Andrew Harold Giuliani and henchman Bernie Kerik, Giuliani has made clear he expects Trump money for legal fees. Giuliani is intertwined in both Trump impeachments and is at ground zero in America’s battle between truth and Trumpism. 

Giuliani has been the indispensable Trump Big Lie guy. Federal search warrants were executed at Giuliani’s home and office in late April. 

My iPhone vibrated on April 30 with Rudy’s ALERT: My Apartment Was ILLEGALLY Raided, This Could Happen To You. I clicked play. 

Giuliani emoted how this probable cause warrant was “intended to destroy my reputation just like they want to destroy my life because I am the repository of more incriminating evidence about Joe Biden than probably anybody on the planet and I am unwilling to keep my mouth shut about it and for that, they really want to put me in jail.” 

Harold Giuliani served time at Sing Sing prison for armed robbery of a milkman. Harold’s son became a prosecutor who sent other children’s fathers to prison. Young Giuliani prosecuted the police corruption case that later formed the basis for the book and movie, “Prince of the City.

After that, Rudy Giuliani achieved considerable prominence prosecuting Rep. Bertram Podell, D-NY. The congressman accepted $41,350 to arrange approval of a Bahamas’ route for a small Florida-based airline and faced bribery charges.

Podell’s trial was noteworthy for Giuliani’s rigorous cross-examination, which led the defendant to get flustered, and then ask to plead guilty. Podell went to prison and was disbarred. Giuliani’s prosecutorial reputation grew. 

Giuliani became America’s most renowned prosecutor in the mid-1980s when he convicted eight major mobsters on RICO charges. Boldly stating his goal was “to wipe out the five families,” America’s prosecutor Giuliani celebrated when triple-digit sentences were imposed.

While a federal prosecutor, Giuliani utilized wiretaps galore, expansive witness protection programs for informants and governmental seizures of criminals’ assets. What will the government do with Rudy’s assets and freedom? 

The hunter has become the hunted. Giuliani contemplates on-air his prospect of prison. He already faces disbarment and massive civil lawsuits

In Denver District Court, Dr. Eric Coomer, Director of Product Strategy and Security at Dominion Voting Systems, personally sued Giuliani. Co-defendants are the Trump campaign, Sidney Powell, Joseph Oltmann, Michelle Malkin and others, including Newsmax Media, Inc. 

Newsmax recently resolved things with Dr. Coomer after hiring Chad Williams, talented co-managing partner at Denver’s venerable Davis, Graham & Stubbs law firm. Newsmax publicly proclaimed it had zero evidence Dominion rigged the election, and that Oltmann’s claim he infiltrated an antifa call was not credible. Newsmax apologized to Dr. Coomer.  

The Colorado genesis of the Big Lie began shortly after the election on Oltmann’s own Conservative Daily podcast. It was then amplified via Denver Trump radio and Colorado-based Malkin (a weekend host on Newsmax). Hmmm. Malkin remains in the lawsuit, represented by Franklin Patterson, a formidable veteran Colorado civil defense attorney. 

Giuliani’s choice for Colorado counsel is Scott Gessler. Colorado’s former Secretary of State proclaimed in late January that “serious election fraud took place.” Gessler was an election expert for the Trump campaign’s post-election lawsuits in Nevada and Pennsylvania. 

Gessler declared, “I believe that a full and complete investigation will prove widespread election fraud. And maybe even show that President Trump rightfully won the election!”

This bold proclamation failed to win Gessler the Colorado Republican state party chairman job, but apparently resonated well with Giuliani. Let’s monitor that relationship. Lawyers like to get paid.

Giuliani’s audience skews old, white and cranky. His May 7 podcast was titled: WHY “White Supremacy” Is Being Used As COMMUNIST Propaganda,” with his thesis being whites are wrongly blamed for crime waves actually caused by people of color. 

America’s worst unresolved crime is the Trump insurrection at the Capitol. Giuliani (“trial by combat”) and his client fomented that Jan. 6 violence with their unrelenting Big Lie. We need truth now. Democracy remains threatened.

But let’s not despair. Biden-Harris won. And Merrick Garland runs DOJ. 

Craig Silverman is a former Denver chief deputy DA who also has worked in the media for decades. Craig is columnist at large for The Colorado Sun. He practices law at the Denver law firm of Springer & Steinberg, P.C. and is host of The Craig Silverman Show podcast.

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