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2020 election

2020 election

Carman: Lies, damn lies and the Big Lie have driven Americans certifiably nuts

Nicolais: What were the odds that Trump would be so beloved by bookies?

Political odds makers have had a field day over the past year – and will not be slowing down soon

Colorado Democrats will pursue mandatory waiting period for gun buyers, safe-storage measure in 2021

The legislation is modeled after policies passed in other states, but it's sure to draw Republican objections

Littwin: The House is planning for a second impeachment. How many Senate Republicans will answer the call?

Don’t count on the 25th Amendment for help in Trump’s waning days in office. Impeachment and conviction would be hard. But history and justice demand an official reaction.

“We were getting ready to make a stand”: Colorado congressmen recount harrowing moments as rioters approached

Four members of Colorado’s congressional delegation were barricaded in the U.S. House chambers during Wednesday’s deadly riot at the nation’s capital

Two wins in Georgia build on victory in Colorado and hand Democrats control of U.S. Senate

John Hickenlooper’s win against Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in November paved the way for Democrats to take chamber’s majority

Littwin: Next up in our theater of the absurd, the Sedition Caucus takes its turn in pushing Trump’s rigged-election fiction

Meanwhile in the real world, Democrats have won one Senate runoff race and seem poised to win the other in Georgia, which would, stunningly, give Dems effective control of the Senate.

Colorado’s new members of Congress — John Hickenlooper and Lauren Boebert — are sworn in

Hickenlooper and Boebert join Congress at a fraught moment

The top story in Colorado politics in 2020 — and what to expect in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic dominated headlines inside and outside politics, but the U.S. Senate race also ranked high on the list

Lauren Boebert hires outgoing Trump, Cory Gardner staffers

Jeff Small, current senior adviser to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, will be Boebert’s chief of staff

Nicolais: No, Republicans, everything is not awesome

The Republican Party’s failure to engage post-election analysis is worthy of a cartoon movie

Colorado GOP dismisses concerns about fraud at its caucuses. But one leader calls it a whitewashed report.

A special commission found more problems at the party caucuses in Weld County than previously known, but argued none of it amounted to criminal behavior

Littwin: Trump may be on his way out, but Trumpism made a brief stop in Colorado

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis was the star witness in a hearing examining election integrity in Colorado. Turns out, there are no issues on election integrity in Colorado.

8-hour, Republican-led hearing on Colorado’s election integrity ends without evidence of widespread fraud

President Donald Trump’s senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, urged the state legislature to investigate, but offered no substantive reason why

Jenna Ellis, President Trump’s lawyer, was fired from Weld County DA’s office for “mistakes,” records show

Documents obtained by The Colorado Sun through an open records request appear to contradict what Ellis told The Wall Street Journal about her termination

Colorado’s Democratic presidential electors cast nine votes for Joe Biden

The electors’ votes drew special attention this year because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election and his baseless allegations of election fraud

Colorado’s GOP chairman trusts the state’s voting systems. Legislative Republicans still want to check it out.

The Legislative Audit Committee, which is led by Republicans, will hold a hearing Tuesday to investigate alleged election discrepancies in Colorado. There’s no proof there were any.

Littwin: Trump won’t leave without dragging the GOP down the rabbit hole with him

Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn joined a list of 126 GOP members of Congress advocating for the Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 election.

Littwin: This just in — there’s good news out there if you look hard enough

Just as one example, as the votes are counted and recounted, the biggest shift in the nation against Trump from 2016 to 2020 was in Colorado Springs. Yes, Colorado Springs.

Colorado reports nearly 29,000 rejected ballots in the 2020 election, with younger voters the bulk of total

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold certified the 2020 election and said the state would look at ways to lower rejection rate

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