The Colorado Sun is a nonpartisan news organization, and the opinions of columnists do not reflect the opinions of the newsroom. Read our ethics policy for more on The Sun’s opinion policy.

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Ethics Policy

We label opinion pieces prominently, using the clearest words possible to note that they are separate from news coverage. This includes when we post links to opinion pieces on social media accounts. We should avoid words like “editorial” or “perspective,” which can have multiple meanings and be confusing to readers.

Just because a piece expresses an opinion, though, does not mean that the writer is freed from the obligations of reporting. Opinion pieces must also be based on verifiable facts and comprehensively reported. They must show respect for others, and they must reflect life in Colorado. In seeking out opinion writers, we look for diverse voices from across Colorado, including people who are not media or communications professionals.

Opinion pieces reflect the views of their authors only.

How To Submit

We accept guest columns from all corners of Colorado and all types of Coloradans, on any issue that is important to them. These can be hard-hitting opinion columns or personal essays, detailed analyses or big-picture meditations. If you want to pitch an idea for an opinion piece, contact Jeff Thomas at opinion@coloradosun.com.

But, first, please read on for the ground rules that all our op-ed writers must abide by. These are derived from our more extensive ethics policy, which can be found at coloradosun.com/ethics.